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dopo closed for remodeling

Just general FYI for those who haven't been by. Dopo in oakland on piedmont ave is closed for the next few weeks for remodeling.

After they open, they will be twice the size as before. Hopefully that means less of a wait for dinner.

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  1. Excellent! I wonder if they'll expand the menu as well, start doing secondi?

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      1. This is great news. The Chronicle report says they'll reopen in October -- anyone know the exact date?

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          I doubt anyone could know the exact date yet given the nature of major remodeling projects and the complications of inspections.

        2. Dopo reopened last week. Drove by on Thursday night around 6pm and there was no line. Looked like more than twice as many seats.

          1. Excellent news! I've been waiting for it to reopen.

            1. We ate there on Friday night and it was fantastic. I'm already plotting my return.

              We had capellini with clams, Dopo pizza (anchovies, chili flakes), cauliflower soup and mixed greens. And what a shockingly affordable corkage fee - $8. I'm still marveling at that...

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                Were the promised entrees on the menu?

              2. Hey everyone, I did a quick spotlight on dopo for my new food blog. Check it out at http://singleguychef.blogspot.com

                Doesn't look like there's much change in execution or menu. The menu continues to change daily with fresh ingredients, but still not as many items to choose from in my opinion. But it definitely doubled in size and like I said in my review, it still packs them in even with the added space. It's just now there's not as many people waiting because there are more space to fill up.

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                  Do you mean the menu was even shorter than before, or that it's still shorter than most Italian restaurants?

                2. Still shorter than most Italian restaurants. About the same as pre-renovation dopo.

                  1. Had a wonderful dinner at Dopo earlier this evening. I was disappointed there about two years ago but I must of ordered poorly because tonights meal was delicious. I can't comment on the old menu format, but the current menu had a 3-6 choices in each of the following categories:

                    salami and pate

                    There was also a soup and salad of the day.
                    There was no contorni and no secondi.

                    Showed up at 7 and was seated immediately. Though they were mostly full, between counter seats and all the new tables I never saw a party wait. Of course, it was Tuesday.

                    The rabbit confit salad with grapes, barley, radicchio and pecorino was one of the best dishes I've had this year. The prosciutto pizza was a perfect rendition of a classic. Prices are very reasonable and a full dinner for two was under $50 before tax and tip.

                    I definitely see myself becoming a regular. This is the quality, mid priced, drop in on a whim restaurant I've been looking for.

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                      So glad you liked it, I've always loved this place. I dropped in last week and the categories of the menu were the same (when they first opened, there were only the antipasti, pasta and pizza options, they added the salami and pate earlier this year, I believe, but the crudo and cheese are new). Last week I shared an excellent and unusual sardines appetizer there, and had pasta with braised shortribs. Earlier this summer, I had gnocchi with pork ragu there, and it was one of the best pasta dishes that I've ever had (and at $14, that's not a bad deal). I have also have always had excellent and very warm service there, which is one of the things that makes me love this place.