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Sep 5, 2006 07:37 PM

Need a recomendation for North African Food, anywhere in NYC

looking for Moroccan or similar. If its great I'll go anywhere.

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  1. Zerza is very good for Moroccan.

    1. I forget the name of the reviewer in NY magazine (not Adam Platt) but she recently had medium praise for Darna on 2d Avenue. I ordered from them one time early on and had a lot of trouble (wrong order, rude service, not impressive food) and have thought about going back because the menu is appealing but I have walked past frequently and never have seen a single customer. For what that is worth.

      1. I had a yummy meal and Algerian (I think?) wine at a restaurant called Salam which is on W. 13th St at 6th ave. I think they have dishes from both Morocco and Algeria. The atmosphere was comfortable and the food was good.

        1. Nomad (2nd between 4/5) seems to be underrated and reletively ignored for some reason. I am yet to find a negative opinion here but it was deserted on a Saturday evening. Started with Bric, went on to tangines and everyone that evening was very happy. The ambience was better because there were very few diners and it suited us fine. Would highly recommend this place.