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Chicago Style Thin Crust Pizza

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A post on this topic was placed years ago, and there was no satisfactory answer. Since that post in 2002 has anyone encountered good Chicago-style THIN crust pizza? I'm not looking for deep dish or stuffed pizza, rather that quarter inch thick, doughy, chewy crust that you would find at Pequod's or Giordanno's in Chicago. I do not want a slice that I can bend in any way -- if it folds, it's not for me. We are Chicago transplants desperate for some hometown pizza! Please help.

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      I've not had Vito & Nick's, but reading a description on a Chicago food site of their pizza makes me salivate -- that's exactly the kind of crust that I'm looking for!

      1. re: MSJ

        My friend Chicago Jack (a bartender at Pete's Pub who was born and raised on the South Side), calls Vito & Nick's his fav pizza in Chicago. Not that they're exactly equivalent or anything, but Jack really likes the pizza at Emma's in Cambridge. Have you tried them yet?

    2. where is pequod's? i had giordano's a number of times, and can only recall their stuffed ones. other than stuffed, i can't recall anything special/distinctive about the pizza in chicago, though i didn't eat extraordinary amounts of it or go out of my way to look for it when i lived there.

      on the other hand, despite some recent chatter on the board about "boston style pizza", i haven't found anything particularly distinctive about pizza in boston either.

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        Pequod's is on the near North Side and a local fave. In addition to great thin crust, they have the greatest deep dish pizza with carmelized cheese around the edge...

        1. re: KitchenAid

          Hmmm a good suggestion as long as you get the Thin Crust, and not the Hand-Tossed.

            1. re: KitchenAid

              But these are both foldable. And very good. But the thin crust is so thin it might snap if you folded it, and the hand-tossed is a normal NY-type thickness.

              1. re: Luther

                //But the thin crust is so thin it might snap if you folded it.//

                Isn't the exactly what the OP asked for?

                1. re: Luther

                  (not sure why there's no option to reply directly to your comment, Bostonbob3...weird)

                  Anyhow, no, the OP asked for "that quarter inch thick, doughy, chewy crust," that's not foldable because it's too thick, not because it's too thin.

                  1. re: Luther

                    Hmm, for some reason I can't reply to you, either, Luther.

                    It's a bit of a riddle, huh? Thin crust that's too thick to fold...

                    Believe it or not, if you get slices at Haymarket Pizza and tell them to do the crust "well-done," it might be close to that description.

              2. What about The Upper Crust (with outlets in Brookline and Beacon Hill)? I am a devout lover of thin crust pizza and think their pie is very tasty! I would not pile on the toppings as a basic cheese or pepperoni is about as good as it gets (less is more).

                1. You might want to see a recent thread about the perceived decline of The Upper Crust. Apparently there are several folks out there who think that their pizza is not what it used to be.

                  1. I don't know if it necesarily qualifies as "Chicago style thin crust", but Big City in Allston makes some thin crust pizza that I've enjoyed. They do the whole "crazy toppings" as East Coasters like to call it (which native West Coasters call "pizza"). But you can get some "normal" pizza as well.

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                      Yes, they do crazy West Coast toppings. However, it's to go on top of crazy horrible West Coast pizza "crust." It's absolutely hideous if you care at all about good pizza. A real shame really, given what a beautiful contraption they've got back there to cook the pizzas in.

                    2. I like Presto pizza at 1936 Beacon st. (Cleveland Circle) near BC where Brighton meets Newton. They have "regular' slices, terrific add ons and a tasty Sicilian style thick crust. I think their "regular" slice is just what you're describing. It's my fave place in the area. Let us know what you finally find. Good luck.