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Sep 5, 2006 07:21 PM

Thai in Ashburn

Barupa Thai was pretty pricey,lunch around $10. not including drinks. The service was horrible and the food was o.k. Mom and pop joints are my favorite but I would not recommend this place.

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  1. i've had two very good meals at cafe opera in ashburn/broadlands. their menu is a combination of thai and chinese. the service was very attentive.

    1. Kind of enjoy Burupa Thai in Ashburn. Service during lunch can be a bit slow if you have a larger party. Drunken noodles have a good kick and have the Kaprow with MINCED chicken.

      1. I've eaten at both Cafe Opera(twice) and Burupa Thai and have had poor meals at both. The meat was very very tough and almost inedible and the service was incredibly slow. Won't go back to either again.

        1. Recently tried the new Orchid Thai, or Orchid Cafe, can't remember the name but it's in the Bonefish strip mall in Broadlands. All four of us had excellent dishes. Tender meat and perfectly cooked seafood, in richly seasoned sauces (and very spicy). Would def. recommend it over Cafe Opera.

          1. Bangkok BBQ opened up at the corner of Ashburn Rd and Ashburn Farm Rd, Next to shoppers. I've gone there about 5 times since it opened last week. Not your typical Thai joint, this place rocks! Food is GREAT! I'm hooked on the chicken wraps, curry burgers and grilled corn! My wife has tried the chicken basil rice and a few of their Boba tea and RAVES about it!!! Looks we've found ourselves a new favorite place to eat!!!
            Website is it's a DEFINITE MUST TRY place!!! You won't be sorry.

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              reviving an old topic since the Thai landscape in Ashburn has changed greatly in the past year! Anothai is one of the finest Thai restaurants I've ever eaten in. I'm not a fan of Asian cuicine, but their herbs are so fresh and meat so tender- I truly enjoy my every experience here. the atmosphere is both date and family-friendly at the same time, and the service is impeccable. definitely give it a try before giving up on Thai in Ashburn!