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Sep 5, 2006 07:05 PM

Shabu Shabu in Hollywood/Los Feliz/Silverlake?

Preferably with a nice ambiance, and tables that can seat up to 8. We'd even head into the valley, but not much further out than Sherman Oaks.

Any ideas?

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  1. Koji's in the Kodak Center. Ambience more hipster than I'd like but good food, reasonably priced. Just there last night. Gets busy but they have a separate room in the back with a big, round table that works well for 8.

    1. Plus you can make reservations on Open Table and they also have happy hour food and drink specials.

      1. If you are willing to spend more for a really good shabu shabu dinner, head down to KaGaYa in Little Tokyo.418 E. 2nd Street.