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Chocolatier- in Los Angeles

Looking for the best Chocolates in Los Angeles? Any suggestions?

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  1. L'Artisan du chocolate in Silverlake.

    Intemperatia in Pacific Palisades.

    I doubt either of them are open on Sunday.

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        I like L'Artisan du Chocolate as well. If you want to take a peek at their shop and some of the unusual chocolates they offer, check out the links below:

        Chocolate Tasting at L'Artisan

        Chocolate and Wine Pairings

      2. Jin Patisserie in Venice

        1. I haven't had truly great chocolates in the LA area (and thus, mail order from SF / Chicago / NY based chocolatiers) - but Jin Patisserie in Venice and Boule on the edge of West Hollywood are pretty good.

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            Where in SF do you order from that's better than all the LA availabilities, and what haven't you liked in LA?

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              Not Aqua, but he might be thinking of Recchiuti. I think they often get placed on the "Best Chocolate in the World" list. I ooohhh and ahhhhed at their stand in the Ferry Building this weekend, but I had just taken the Scharfen Berger tour and was CHOCOLATED out.

              Ah well, it gives me something to look forward to for our next visit! :)


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                Yep Recchiuti, and also a small Oakland-based chocolatier named Serendipity Chocolates ( www.serendipitychocolates.com ) which used to be in Palos Verdes. I believe the chocolatier there studied under Michael for a while.

                I guess with LA Chocolates I've yet to find a chocolatier that strikes that great flavoring balance between the chocolate and whatever the added ingredients (often case with chocolatiers who experiment with "daring" flavors, the added stuff dominates over the chocolates.)

                Vosges/Serendipity/Recchiuti/Knipschildt (based in Connecticut) seems to hit that balanced sweet spot for me. Boule/Jin are good but a bit too heavy on the flavors for me.

            2. I have not tried it, but I think there have been some good comments on Compartes in Brentwood.

              Also, Teuscher. Not local, since they're based in Switzerland, but great chocolate.

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                Teuscher actually has a store in Beverly Hills and they have great chocolates there.

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                  "Not local" meant not based in L.A. Teuscher has a store in almost every major city in the world.

              2. In addition to the places already named, I think Leonidas (201 N. Larchmont Blvd., (323) 860-7966, and elsewhere), and Teuscher (9548 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, (310) 276-2776) are both pretty good. The champagne truffles at Teuscher are excellent, and their packaging makes for nice gifts. Also, not exactly chocolate, but the chocolate covered English toffee at Little John's in the Fairfax Farmers' Market (http://www.farmersmarketla.com/ ) is wonderful.

                1. You must try Boule:
                  I believe it is run by Michelle Meyers, Wife of David Meyers (Sona). Excellent and unusual items, and they will ship by mail-order.

                  1. They may not be the most gourmet but the chocolates closest to most Angelenos' hearts are undoubtedly See's.

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                        I adore Sees. Have a box downstairs, and heading in that direction! We could go on indefinitely on our favs from Sees! Grew up on them, and always take or send to friends across the land!

                    1. I adore Maison du Chocolate on 1st st. :) Sometimes they also come to the Culver City Farmer's Market. :)


                      1. the best chocolates in LA are from Compartes Chocolatier as i have already posted before. they have an item about compartes transformation in the paper that came out this week, i live in brentwood so its brentwood news here but its also in the beverly hills paper. anyway, they make amaaazing chocolates in both traditional and exotic flavors, caramel marshmallows, homemade english toffee, balsamic fig, framboise raspberry wine, peach rosemary, i can't recommend them enough. i have used compartes for parties, favors, gifts, its my go to place for all things sweet in LA. go and try it and you won't be disappointed. i have tried boule, jin, k, tuescher, all of those as i am a chocoholic and none really compare to compartes. the website is http://compartes.stores.yahoo.net/ and google them and you will find lots more info....enjoy chowhounds and when you go to compartes, stop by barrington florist too beautiful flowers and whats better than flowers with a box of chocolates? ;)

                        1. Compartes Chocolatier in Brentwood: It's a tiny space that has recently been remodeled. http://compartes.stores.yahoo.net/inf...

                          I also like Vosges chocolate, which can be ordered or bought in LA at Neiman Marcus (lower level). Love the unique blend of Aztec truffles, wine, chilis, and other combinations, including the bars. Neiman Marcus' chocolates are good, too. I've also bought Vosges toffee brittle at Surfas in Culver City.

                          We often get chocolate from Whole Foods, which carry Lake Champagne, Sao Tome, and other truffles, darks, and milks. TJs also carries good dark chocolate from brands like Valhorna and its own.

                          Godiva and See's are, of course, always a dependable treat. :)

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                            I second Vosges -- but not sure if the Neiman Marcus carries their full line (fortunately, I managed to squeeze a visit to their Vegas boutique and all the goodies survived the drive back.)

                            you can also mail order them at www.vosgeschocolate.com

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                              I held on tight to the chocolates driving back from LV. I was so scared they'd melt! Fortunately, they didn't. ;)

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                                Surfas just got in a shipment of a whole bunch of different flavors of Vosges.

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                                  Including some new flavored chocolate chips! The flavors will be familiar to Vosgues lovers, but they're chipped for easy snacking or to put in brownies and cakes. Personally I don't think it's a great value compared to unbroken bars, but it's really cute and might make a good gift.

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                                    Oooo boy! Goin' to Surfas this weekend!

                                    1. re: LT from LF

                                      Yeah, they have this new line of Chocolate bits that you can bake into cookies and brownies... INSANELY expensive... but really intriquing... :)


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                                  YEAH- Compartes is fab. Jonathan is a great guy too. Will use Compartes for my wedding- :) KQ

                                  1. re: Kitchen Queen

                                    My congratulations, KQ!

                                    I agree that Compartes is really, really good. Be sure to try their chocolate dipped apricots!

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                                      Best handmade chocs I've ever had in LA were from Compartes. Outstanding.

                                3. is that La Maison Du Chocolat on 1st? the same as the one from paris? if so, pleeeeeaaaaassseee tell me where it is!!!!! NOWWW!!!!!! just kidding. sort of. their chocolates are the best, if it's the same.

                                  1. frances bakery is the one. pretty darn good.

                                    1. Compartes all the way... LOVE IT!

                                      1. The best chocolates anywhere in America are Corniche Chocolates. Right now you need to be a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to even get a box. They are handmade small batch chocolates so production is very limited. No sugar, butter, cream or egg is used in the ganache. This gives an even more intense chocolate experience. The finest fruits and liquors from all over the world are used in the production. There is no store and you have to know someone to even get to try them. These are the chocolates that last year I found out about and was only told that they were made by the Mystery Chocolatier. Everything is hand made, hand dipped and hand decorated. Not fancy, just extraordinary. $3.00 a truffle from what I hear.

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                                          "Mystery," "not available," "best anywhere," "limited production," "intense," "finest fruits," "extraordinary."

                                          This all makes me want them even more! Do you think if we bombard the company with requests they will get the idea to make them available to us regular folks...EVER?

                                        2. Chocolatt... on Wilshire just east of Bundy.

                                          Edelweiss on Canon in Beverly Hills is good too.

                                          1. I found Edelweiss to be a little ordinary, but I liked the chocolate dipped fig I got there.

                                            I've tried K Chocolatier and though I really enjoyed the Vodka chocolate (real, high quality vodka) the prices were a bit high. But they do let you sample ANYTHING.


                                            I've enjoyed Boule quite a bit and found the combinations to be very inventive.


                                            If you're headed to Orange County or south, give Chuao a try, they're using El Rey chocolate from Venezuela and have some really interesting combinations.


                                            Last time I was at Vosges in NYC they said they're planning to open a location in Los Angeles, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I love their combinations of spice and ganache for their truffles, but I'm not as keen on the flavored bars.

                                            I've also seen a fantastic selection of high end chocolate bars at Mel & Rose's Wine & Liquors on Melrose near the Pac Design Center. They had MarieBelle and Vosges.

                                            All that said, I love See's. Their consistency is great and the free samples are always a plus. I usually pop in when I'm at the mall for a piece or two.

                                            Everyone else has some great suggestions that I'm adding to my list - Compartes & Jin Pattissiere are at the top of my list.

                                            1. A recent visit to LA brought me to L'Artisan du chocolate. There fusion truffles were unique and had gotten rave reviews as we tasted each one. Could not pick a favorite, liked them all.