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i am looking to eat as many tacos as possible all over the city. any suggestions for taco stands, mexican grocery stores, etc. where i can get some decent tacos in manhattan?

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  1. El Paso Taqueria, 97th St and Park


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      is this the same place as on 104th (or so) and lexington?
      if so, i'm a big fan

      to the OP--check out old threads about places in hell's kitchen. there are two taquerias there that sound great that i haven't tried yet.

      taqueria y fonda in morninside heights is great. perfectly crispy/juicy/tender pork, decent fish (grilled, not breaded/fried) tacos.

      if you check out spanish harlem, you'll find lots of small places--please report back if you do!

      edited, because the later posts reminded me: the people at zaragoza are great, and they have tacos at their small counter at times.

    2. Tulcingo, Tehuitzingo, Agave (the smoked tomato/shrimp tacos, which are wrapped in a soft, flour tortilla), Pio Maya on West 8th Street (east of 6th ave),zaragoza, baby bo's on 2nd and 34th (has good ground beef tacos)

      (Please check Google for the addresses)

      1. my favorite is zaragoza, near the corner of 13th and a. the tongue, veal, and chorizo in particular are outstanding.

        1. I wanted to report on another fine lunch at Tulcingo today. Had a chicken taco (served with crisp radish wheels) and a delicious carnitas torta. I've always been a taco guy so today was a bit of a break with the torta but that was a great decision. Chock full of pork, cheese, tomato, lettuce, smoky hot peppers, mayo, good bread. Also, the waitress couldn't have been nicer. This place is legit!

          Is Tehuitzingo still there? I was keeping an eye out for it today on my walk but I didn't see it. Is it on 10th Ave?

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            The torta at tulcingo is totally the way to go -- I love the al pastor. Try ordering it with fresh avocado instead of guac...

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              Yes, Tehuitzingo's still kickin' and it's awesome. 695 10th Ave, between 47th and 48th.

            2. the tacos downstairs in the tacqueria section of Pampano are/were delicious -- esp. the steak alambre. enter ugly mall-office building on 3rd Ave X49th/50th (east side, mid-block), go down escalator and walk towards interior.

              1. go to La Esquina (lafayette and kenmare). they have an actual restaurant, and then a taco stand right next door. the tacos are amaziinngggg!! i could eat them for every meal. they're huge and each only about 3$ so you can eat to your hearts content. i reccomend the chicken rostizado, the bistec, and the tinga de pollo.

                1. If you venture farther afield, this is the classic post, the Baedeker's of tacos: