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Sep 5, 2006 06:39 PM

Is CHOPSTICKS Chinese lunch buffet the worst in Austin?

Probably. Today's buffet featured about 10 versions of the same soggy whatever it was that I ate along with several other things that I dared not even approach. As to the ladies behind the buffet counter eyeing like eagles every thrust I made with a serving spoon ... well, I can't really blame them, since I did have to finesse around the cr_p in order to extract the only close-to-tasty thing there - rubbery shrimp. By removing 5 of them from the brownish morass of chicken pieces and celery which they inhabited, I must have exhuasted today's supply...

The lady next to me at the register line agreed that the semi-fresh fortune cookies were just what was needed to soak up the grease, so I took 3. And even worst was my fortune, which read: "A short dark stranger will soon enter your life." As if to add insult to injury, my quick-witted spouse promptly crossed out the "l" in "life", replacing it with a "w"...

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  1. Is there a good chinese buffet in Austin?
    Not an actual question, more of a statement. Chinese buffets are horrible for the most part (thank god I haven't been in years). They are all about timing. If the place is slow whatever quality there was suffers.