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Sep 5, 2006 06:31 PM

food in Eagan, MN

Anyone tried the Magic Thai Cafe? Is it worth a visit? Also, I've heard some rumors about something magnificent called the turkey stack that is available at a small cafe in Eagan...

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  1. Hey libby - welcome to the board. I guess I'm sort of the Midwest Board's resident default champion of Eagan, MN as I'm stuck here 40 hours a week. That said, my Eagan posts don't always elicit a lot of response (understandibly...they're not that good).

    I'm working my way west to east through the Magic Thai Cafe's strip mall. The Oasis Market actually has a few interesting items -- well, one interesting item -- the Johnsonville brat. Ambrosia is a very good coffee place with panini that I haven't tried yet (the panini...I've tried the coffee). Obee's and Magic Thai are what's left. My non-chowish coworkers say the lunch buffet at Magic Thai is pretty good. Using the unofficial MSPD Theory of Chowhound Mathematics: unreliable coworkers x (buffet + pretty good) = generally sucks bigtime.

    As for "small cafes" in Eagan, there aren't that many. The turkey stack isn't ringing a bell, but I'd say it's probably at Junior's (more of a diner than cafe), Ambrosia (more of a coffeehouse), or the tiny French-ish bakery (more of a bakery) to the right of Junior's that nobody seems to know about. Or, it could be Obee's (more of a sub shop). Mediterranean Cruise Cafe is called a cafe, but it's not small and I don't suspect they have a "turkey stack". Great lunch spot in Eagan though!

    If you don't beat me to it, I'm sure I'll hit Obee's and Magic Thai in the next month or so and I'll post comments.

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      Love the math - cracking me up!

      Doesn't that big byerlys in eagan have all sorts of prepared food & a salad bar?

      1. re: St Paul Susie

        Yep -- the Eagan Byerly's is good. They also have Big Bowl Express or whatever the Shanghai Circus is called now and one of the better supermarket sushi selections around. If you're a beverage connoisseur, the choice of 23,472 different bottled beverages right next to the checkout is probably a plus too.

    2. Thanks for the info (and the welcome), MSPD. Yes, a friend of mine just confirmed that the turkey stack is at Junior's. I'll be sure to post when I check it out.

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      1. re: libby mae

        Here's some other mildly-useful Eagan information I recently posted if you're interested and/or didn't see it:

        Let me know if you want me to dazzle you with info on NE Burnsville as well -- that's where I spend the rest of my time.