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Sep 5, 2006 06:17 PM

Best Pad Thai in Chelsea?

Where's the best pad thai in Chelsea? I know there's a ton of Thai restaurants in the 'hood, for some odd reason, and I've scoured the boards (trust me) for recs for good/at least decent Thai places out of the bunch. But where's the best pad thai? Sometimes I get a craving for that dish, but I don't want to risk getting an overly sweet and Americanized (I know, I know, it's pad thai) version. If I had the funds to do so, I'd try every restaurant, but I don't, so any recs from hounds who have tried any?

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  1. I enjoyed the pad thai at Regional Thai on 22nd and 7th once-- I remember it having some heat to it rather than super sweet.

    1. My favorite place to order Pad thai in chelsea is still Spice, even though I have tried all the other Thai restaurants:
      Chelsea Thai in the meat packing district [just ok], Pad Thai [so-so], Pongsri Thai [unremarkable], Room service [mediocre], typhoon[below average], Nooch [average]

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      1. re: Dandel

        Actually, the only place I've ordered Pad Thai from is Spice, and I thought it was just ok. Maybe I had left it sitting there too long, but it was kind of a sad-looking mass in the take-out container. So I just dumped sriracha sauce all over it. I've had Holy Basil deliver all the way to me, but I've never tried their pad thai either.

      2. I think the best Thai is at Chelsea Thai Wholesale in the Chelsea Market. They also deliver and it's really yummy. Enjoy!


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          ditto to that. the chelsea market thai is the best around of the bunch. nothing great or transcending but they are fine esp vs other thai places in the area. i dont usually order it, but the pad thai was good there last time i did.

          1. re: JeremyEG

            I second the pad thai here. Nothing spectacular, but it will fill a craving for pad thai handily.

            1. re: ghbrooklyn

              I think the Chelsea market pad thai is just ok; its does the job, but it is not remarkable.