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Sep 5, 2006 06:17 PM

Shut Out in South Austin

I never get south during the week for lunch, so I was excited that I needed to be on S. Lamar today at lunchtime.

I hadn't had a Maria's Taco XPress pastor taco in a while and I was having a craving...stopped into the new place and although it's a bit more upscale, it's still got that campy attitude of the original but much to my shock, the guy behind the counter said they didn't have any pastor yet! wtf? Are you kidding me? Strike one.

Well, that's okay, I thought. I can just go down the street to FlipHappy. It's a nice, cloudy day and a gooey crepe sounded good, too. Pull up and to my chagrin, FlipHappy is closed on Tuesdays. grrr. Strike two.

In desperation, I had heard good things about PTeddy's (or whatever the burger joint on Lamar/Barton Springs is called). Well, they must be good cuz the line was outrageous and I couldn't afford that kind of time. Strike three...and here I sit at my desk with a rumbly-tummy and a bag of crappy Sunchips...

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  1. Ah, hindsight ... Next time go to ARTZ close to where you were on S. Lamar for one of the best burgers in town ...

    1. I think Baby Greens might have been in reach - S 1st & oltorf - big fresh salads with house made dressings including a fabulous green goddess....wraps is all to go, and usually a pretty quick drive-through. Not gooey, though!

      Just had an Artz burger for the first time on Sunday (I'm pretty sure it was based on a previous suggestion from avi) and yep - that's a good 'un. Better than the ribs, IMO, and definitely worth a special trip.

      1. For good al pastor, there's a Chango's right down the street from Taco Xpress.

        P Terry's is the burger joint. The lines can get long; they make all the burgers at the time of order. But it's usually worth the wait.

        1. I respectfully disagree: P Terry's burgers are ok, though on the blandish and smallish side (for an appropriatly smaller price than other burger joints), similar in taste to HUTS'(whose real claim to fame, imho, are the onion rings). Their success is probably (mostly)due to the location, which is ideal. HUTS and ARTZ, btw, ALWAYS (so far) have decent whole wheat buns. At Terry's, it's hit and miss.

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          1. re: avi

            Fair enough. The biggest benefit of P Terry's is the drive-thru. And while the line often looks long, it's usually quicker than you'd think. Get 'em to add onions to your burger (you have to ask) and I think it makes a difference.

          2. ONIONS! You are so right! I had them at Terry's. In fact, I don't think I've had a humburger without fresh onions since 1959, when, as a kid, I first discovered this ambrosia of the gods combination. As Peter Paul and Mary once surely sang: When I die please bury me deep with an onion as my keep.