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Sep 5, 2006 06:10 PM

Chanoodle...any good?

Pass by this restaurant many times, and I wonder if anyone has any opinions. TIA

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  1. Easy to forget about this place since it's not on the same path as most of the Chinatown restaurants discussed on this board. I think it's pretty good, and was particularly impressed by their flounder and tofu casserole.

    1. I think the softshell crabs at Chanoodle are as good as those at Cantoon Garden and I think it is a prettier place. Keep meaning to get back there and chew around the menu a little more.

      1. just to let anyone know . . chanoodle is closed, and has been replaced by a Ten Ren tea parlor. I never had the chance to sample their twin sausage fried rice or any of the other goodies mentioned here in CH. ah well.

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          Chan noodle is still around. It's on mulberry st. The ten ren is on mott. I didn't particularly liked chan noodle the times I went in. They tend to over breadcrumb their fried foods. :( But then again during the taste of chinatown tour , their samplings were alright. I probably ordered badly.

          1. re: randumbposter

            wow really? funny . . . we ended up eating at amazing 66 instead and probably spent at least 5x what we would've spent at chanoodle but . . . it was worth it. I'll have to make the trip there sometime.

        2. I ate at Chanoodle ONCE only. Nuff said.