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Sep 5, 2006 05:19 PM

Counteracting Cinnamon?

I meant to add just a leeeeeetle dusting of cinnamon to my chili con carne. But I jerked while tapping the bottle and dumped in too much. Now my chili tastes all sweet and cinnamony. Is there any spice that counteracts the taste of cinnamon?

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  1. Add saffron and say it's Persian.

    1. When this happens to me, I scoop out the herb or spice and dump it before stirring everything around.
      I'd suggest you make a second (cinammon-free) batch of chili and freeze portions - it'll keep quite a long time in the freezer (and it's convenient!)

      1. Alternatively you could add bitter chocolate, ground almonds and peanuts, coriander seed, and maybe some additional chiles, and say that it's mole poblano stew.

        1. I like that idea - I do the same as another poster - dig out the "contaminated area" and throw it out.