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Sep 5, 2006 04:58 PM
Discussion gone?

I found this site occasionally useful: it was designed as a place for industry employees to vent against abusive restaurant owners and managers. But it became increasingly abused by some posters: I saw a growing number of posts by immature jerks and borderline sociopaths who used the site to slander fellow employees they didn't like.

The site added a registration requirement a few months back; contributions both useful and hateful quickly dropped to almost zero. What is needed, I'm guessing, is some vigilant moderators like Chowhound's to weed out posters who are unclear on or unwilling to adhere to the concept. But that costs money.

Does anyone know if the current hiatus is temporary, due to some revamping effort, or permanent?

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  1. I thought it was finally turning into something decent, rather than just a place to make up stories about people while masquerading as about four or five different users. At first things seemed to drop off, but then picked up again with the ratio of useful/interesting much higher than before.

    It comes up with a "suspended" page, so I just assumed someone's server bill went unpaid. But they may have just tired of dealing with all the SPAM. They sure had a lot of it.