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i've read that this is wonderful so made reses for our anniversary but what should i order that is so wonderful???


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    1. Start with the Squab and Foie Gras.

      1. Like Robert said, the wood oven meats are excellent. There is usually a wood oven meat dish that will have an accompanying ravioli. The ravioli has been mind boglingly delicious everytime I've had it.

        If you haven't, you may want to request a table that you two can sit next to eachother at. They have a few great spots like this for a little added romance.

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          The tables for two against the windows along the south wall across from the open kitchen are the ones I like. Great lighting.

        2. Save room for desserts. I've had incredible desserts at Boulevard in the past.

          1. For starters the foie gras or the tuna tartare are great. I usually order pork when I'm there. Do save room for dessert!

            1. Anything...Boulevard is on my all time list! Okay, the filet is amazing as is the double pork chop.

              1. Roasted meats, particularly pork, are done VERY well there. I also love their crabcake -- mostly crab, sweet, delicious!

                1. We went there about 3 weeks ago, and the duck and pork were both superb, as well as the quail appetizer. If they still have it, and they might not, try the Gravenstein Apple Tarte Tatin.

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                    Hey, haven't seen you all summer. Glad you're eating well!

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                      It was a final dinner before heading back for sophmore year. I was so busy working I had little time for hounding, but I made a few discoveries!

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                        Thanks for dropping a few masa pearls before going back to school. I've got a tamales post myself for the Calif. board.