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Sep 5, 2006 03:59 PM

Taormina, Siracusa, Ragusa, Agrigento, Erice restaurants?

Would love suggestions for restaurants in above towns. Thank you.

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  1. Watch out in tourist-infested Taormina: La Griglia on Corso
    'U Bosso Via Bagnoli Croce

    Pizzeria-Ristorante Del Faraone Traversa Caderini
    La Medusa Piazza Corpaci
    Jonico a Rutta e Ciauli Riviera Dionisio

    Erice: Taverna di Re Aceste
    Viale Conte Pepoli

    Ragusa: Duomo Via Captano Boccheri
    Monna Lisa Via Ettore Fiermosca
    Eremo Giubiliana Giubiliana

    1. My husband and I discovered a very small restaurant with rooftop sitting in Taormina. Affordably priced, great view, and delicious Trapanese couscous. Off Piccolo Strada, downtown.

      1. Taormina;
        Vicolo Stretto by Charly in Vicolo Stretto

        Via della Giudecca at the other end from Via Maestranza on Ortygia, don't be put off because it serves Argentinian beef - make this a day where you have 3 courses rather than four (i.e. omit secondi piatti). Food was fantastic and beautifully presented. At least it was last week! Don't fill up on too much oil and bread though or you'll spoil your appetite, the oil is delicioius though!

        Don't know - but if you go to Modica check out Fattoria delle torre in Vico Napolitano. It was delicious.

        We ate in when we were in San Leone (Agrigento by sea!) as we found a good fishmonger.

        Can't remember the name of the top of my head, I do however remember the marinaded oranges we had for pudding. Yum. If it comes to me, I'll let you know!

        1. Oops, should have said, in Siracusa avoid Don Camillo as the only thing it has going for it is a good wine list. Food was truly appalling, some of the worst cooking at as supposedly quality restaurant that I've had in years.

          If you're looking for really special nibbles i.e. cheese, salami, prosciutto etc in Siracusa, go to the Fratelli Burgio shop on Via Benedictus (?) at the sea end (can't recall the name of the square). The salami with bronte pistacchios is very very special! The market is on this street so it's a busy little road in the mornings but the fish is fantastic!

          1. The Hotel Moderno in Erice's restaurant makes a TO DIE FOR Pesto Trapanese.

            I mean...I just about lost it.