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Sep 5, 2006 03:44 PM

Indian Food: My nightmares and the I saw the lights finally.

My first ever experience with Indian food was in 2000. It was an all you can buffet Maharadga on rené-lesveque street. I'll resume by saying I never wanted to eat Indian food again. Now you tell me it wasn't a great idea to try indian food in a buffet place.

Then came my second experience from a referral from a girl at the office. Punjab Palace on Jean-Talon street. I went with someone who knows the game of idian food. It was another really bad experience. We had rice with lamb (rice was wet) We had some chicken (chicken tasted like it was cooked a few days ago and recooked), we had chick peas in a sauce (masala something??), it was flavourless.

So my second experience was bad again. I decided right there that I would never spend a dime on this food.

A couple friend invited us to dinner and it was Indian food again. I told my wife that I wasn't to excited about it but since they invited us, I didn't want to disappointed them. Thank you lord we went to somewhere else. It was a place called if my memory is good pushap (on jean-talon near acadie). It's a vegetarian place and they have a fridge filled with sweets.

We had all kind of dishes with chick peas and all kind of veggies.

Like Mo would say. "It was like a party in my mouth and everybody was invited" Flavors were invading us from all fronts.

We had tried their sweets and that was a never before lived experience also. Finally I liked indian food.


yeah there's a but. It's a freakin vegeterian place. I'm a meat lover.

Which bring us to a new place we discovered a few month ago.

It's called 786 Halal ( ohh my god alah is akbar), Guess not to many people being of the jewish religion will go there. It's also located on jean-talon street. Actually it's a pakistan restaurant but the food is similar. It's on the 2nd floor. A friend knew this place and asked us to join him one evening.

The decor is like a ship. the waiter told us, it was a greek restaurant before. They kept the same basically. It's nice, wood everywhere.

This place makes a BBQ style chicken on the grill with spices that was a great experience. I had birmani rice (best rice i tried ever) All kind of flavors in there.

So I'm a happy camper. I finally saw the light.

One note about punjab palace. When we went, Not a single Indian person in there as a customer. People told me that this should have been a RED LIGHT !!!!!

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  1. I've been to Punjab Palace before. Admittedly, it's not the best indian food in the city - but the price point is what makes it popular (I have driven by and noticed line-ups!) I remember myself and two friends had our fill of lamb korma (too sweet, and not enough raisins or nuts), saag chicken (tasty, lots of spinach, and the chicken wasn't rubbery), we also had a biryani dish, basmati rice (which thankfully wasn't "wet"), & naan bread (not quite as thick and tender as it should be). Ok, the food wasn't perfect, but it was more than palatable, especially at under 11$/head. Service was very quick (though not what I would call friendly).

    I certainly wouldn't judge Indian food based upon a visit here, but sometimes when you're looking for cheap eats, it could fit the bill.

    And BTW, glad you've seen the 'light' about Indian cuisine. It can be quite remarkable...

    1. I have done literally more than a dozen indian places in town and punjab is still among my top 5... I would give it another try : ) ... bombay mahal across is also in the top for me !

      with your suggestion I am heading over to 786 halal asap. thanks for the tip!

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        I've only had good experiences with Pushap and Karma in the west island and Ganges in NDG.

      2. I love indian food. More than 80% population live in villages. There is a lot of varities in indian food. It varies state to state and district to district. I had once chance to have it. I like "patrora"( Made from vagitable leafs) and "ANKHALI"(made from rice flour).These are local dish found in hamirpur, Himachal. See some site for Indian