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Sep 5, 2006 03:24 PM

Birthday Dinner/Drinks/Dancing?

I'm looking for a great birthday spot that can accomodate first dinner, those who want to stop by for drinks, and dancing. Preferably Latin food and music. Any place that has all 3 or is nearby all 3? And won't break the bank for those on different budgets?

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  1. I think Gonzalez y Gonzalez on Houston and Broadway has dancing on the weekends, but I may be wrong. Mexican food, and good for friends stopping by for drinks (the bar is a city block long, I believe).

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      This is indeed a good place to stop by for a drink but I have had some of the worst food of my life here. Just awful in every way. Enchilada that was ice cold in the middle. Really unpleasant. Just wanted to let you know.

    2. SOBs at Varick and Houston would be perfect!

      1. I would suggest Cafe Noir for drinks and dinner and then walking right accross the street to 'Naked Lunch' - fabulous dance spot.

        Whatever you do, have fun and happy birthday!

        1. Son Cubano might suit you as well. Their chef left recently so I'm not sure if the food is still as good but I'm sure it is at least decent. Fun drinks and dancing and a great neighborhood if you want to move to another spot later in the night.

          1. Don't know if this dinner already happend, but Suba on the LES is a perfect match!