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Need Rennete for cheese making in Toronto?

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seems I can only find this online?
Does anyone know of a place in Toronto that might be able to provide me with this?

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  1. You should be able to find unflavoured "Junket" brand tablets in the pudding section of any major supermarket.

    1. I saw it a while ago at a convenience store on Queen St. W., north side, between Augusta and Spadina (labelled Junket).

      Soooo... what kind of cheese are you making? Please keep us posted on how that goes.

      1. I am doing a farmhouse cheddar! Soooo excited
        I will keep you posted for sure.

          1. so Junket is the same as Rennete?
            ok... the search continues

            1. "Junket" is a brand name; >RENNET< is the name of the enzyme.

              1. junket will not work properly for cheesemaking, especially for hard cheeses. It has a very low potency - believe me I tried a number of times. I searched high and low in Toronto for real rennet and found none. You can however get it shipped very easily from the new england cheesemaking company. They have everything else you would ever need to make cheese and they have a catalogue on line.

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                  I ordered yesterday thank you. My search also came up empty!
                  thank you for all your replies.

                2. I have found another company online that is based here in Canada; haven't ordered from them yet but anytime I can keep my business domestic I'm happy. I'll let you know how my experience works out: