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Sep 5, 2006 03:22 PM

Bermuda Lunch dining for group of 10-12

will be spending a couple days in bermuda (cruise ship) and are
in need of some sure picks for lunch....mixed group of adults,
pre teens and toddlers....will be docked at the naval yards and
looking for anything we should take into consideration. Nothing
formal or fancy, any links or numbers would be great too! TIA

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  1. Well, my recommendation is to stay on the ship. There is nothing notable at the Dockyard IMHO. Dining in Hamilton will be tight finding a place for your mixed crowd that will not break the bank. I am a foodie and LOVE Bermuda but there is not ONE restaurant I love that is not attached to a hotel. Cambridge Beaches, The Reefs, Waterloo and others have spoiled me rotten.

    1. Sounds like Freeport Seafood Restaurant would be perfect for your group. It's a big, open space, casual and very family-friendly. The food it quite good. As a matter of fact, the front part of the restaurant has a take-out section that is popular with the locals. The spicy Bermuda fish chowder here is very good---a local specialty that is just a bit different at each establishment. Don't forget to add a bit of the sherry pepper sauce and Black Seal rum that will be brought to the table. Fish & chips are good here, made with local fish. Ditto the fish cakes. For the more adventurous in the group, try the curried dishes. The restaurant is located a way from the cruise dock---next to the "gates". There is also outside seating. Here's a link with more info: