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Sep 5, 2006 03:18 PM

Indian food in Miami?

With the unfortunate demise of Renaisa off 79th Street (there is still a restaurant called Renaisa there, but apparently management and staff have changed and the food went from exceptional to pedestrian), we are searching for good Indian food in Miami.

I understand the original Renaisa folks moved to a place called Heelsha in North Miami off 163rd Street, but we haven't tried it out yet.

Anyone tried Heelsha or have any other suggestions?

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  1. The only 2 places that I know of are Anokha in Coconut Grove (overpriced) and Guru in South Beach (mediocre). I think you have to trek to Broward for Indian.

    1. Do you have recommendations for Broward? We do periodically cross the county line.

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        GURUS on South Beach is exceptional Indian food (with a real Tandoor oven!) it is on 12th street between Collins and Washington. They also do catering as well.

      2. There's a post titled "Indian" in the Florida board that has some good recs. Nirala for bakery desserts is a good choice, but I wouldn't recommend it for lunch or dinner.

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          1. Slim pickings in Miami. Imlee in Pinecrest is pretty good. I thought Anohka was mediocre. I should say first that I am vegetarian so I can't comment on the non-veg portion of the menu but veg was good. Not cheap though.

            Broward suggestions, in no particular order:
            Madras Cafe on Powerline
            Udipi on N. University in Sunrise (2100? N University)
            Woodlands on N. University (4300 N University or thereabouts)

            All are good south indian vegetarian restaurants. If you haven't had south indian, you do not know what you are missing. I recommend the Mysore Masala Dosa (if you are hungry and like spicy) or the Mysore Dosa if you like spicy but don't want the extra filling. The Rava Dosa is also quite nice and not as spicy.

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              Imlee is great--service AND food, but it's a very small, storefront space, with limited table availability. On weekends, when the Pinecrest crowd manages to get babysitters the wait can be 40-90 minutes. Bring a book: or, better yet, send one of your group ahead to wait for a table whilst the rest of you wend your way southward.

              House of India, on Miracle Mile, in Coral Gables (near 37th Avenue) is also a very acceptable choice, but cleanliness here is a justifiable issue for some folks. However, under NO circumstances go anywhere near Anokha: the food is less than pedestrian, the price is absurd given the quality.

              Indian Palate, 2120 Salzedo, in Coral Gables is also a place for very good food, but the check will give you heart palpitations. Unless this economy isn't hitting you in the wallet, I'd suggest you steer clear.

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                Indian Palate's lunch buffet for $12 is a steal for the quality of food you get.

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                  House of India can be pretty bad, and I did not think Imlee was oh so cheap. Also they served us what amounted to a "cheese quesadilla naan", which while good, was a bit baffling. I tried Anohka at their new place for a new years party and it seemed they were back on their "A" game since moving to the new space, though they may still have the same issues in the back kitchen.

                  As lax2miami said, Indian palate's lunch buffet has some real good dishes for not so much. I do not know how expensive it is for dinner, but Imlee, Bengal, Mint Leaf and many of the others have developed a strong reputation for high prices on naan, rice and other items usually given in other cuisines.