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Saving & Emailing Recipes

It would be really helpful to have a place where we could save recipes we've tried or would like to try (see epicurious's recipe box). Failing that, I'd like to be able to email a recipe to myself.

It's not often that I'm ready to cook when I find a recipe I like.

I like the style of the recipe reviews, though!

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  1. I agree re being able to save recipes.

    1. I definitely agree. Being able to e-mail recipes is a must. I'm not a techie-person, but it also seems like a virtual recipe box would integrate well into the MyChow feature.

      1. yes, it would be very handy to be able to save recipes in MyChow

        1. Ditto to the email, or print, and save like Epicurious.com in a recipe box. Love this website. Bravo and best wishes.

          1. Just want to add another shout out for a recipe box and emailing recipes. I don't really want to print every recipe that interests me!

            1. I agree! That's one of my favorite features of epicurious. The website looks great though!

              1. For now, I've been using copy & paste into a .rtx doc and keeping it in a file named CHOW. Up side...if site is down, I still have my recipes :)

                1. Recipe box and emailing capabilities are in the works! Should be soon (printing page too!)

                  1. I totally agree. I was looking at some recipes I liked and kept searching the page for an icon that would either let me save them in my own recipe box or email them to myself, but everywhere I turned I came up empty handed.

                    1. why wouldn't you be able to save a recipe to "my chow".... seems like a no brainer. this would totally keep users coming back.

                      1. Regan/CHOW folks--Saw the "print" feature is up and running. Thanks! Is it possible to make the icon a little more obvious? Or even put the text 'Print article' next to the icon? I stared at the icon for a few minutes with brow furrowed before I realized, "Oh! It's a PRINTER! I can PRINT!" Looking forward to being able to e-mail and save recipes.

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                          OK, my contacts are in, but I still don't see a print icon anywhere on this page...

                        2. Ditto on the saving. Maybe an option to share saved recipes with friends who also use chow?

                          1. Any word on the saving recipes place?

                            1. Take a look now; above the headline of all the recipes (and stories, too) there's an "add to favorites" button. All your favorited items will appear on your myCHOW page.