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Sep 5, 2006 02:44 PM

Reinvented diners

Hi: Does anybody know about a Greek or German diner that transformed its menu to include Dominican and Puerto Rican (or Russian, or Caribbean, or African) food as its neighborhood changed? If so, did the change succeed? Please let me know: I write about this kind of cross-pollination for local magazines. Thanks!

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  1. BLUE in astoria (30th avenue at steinway) is a diner which has a mexican cook and menu. I think the owner is Mexican as well. The place looks like it's been a diner for some time, and the clientele is mixed. I think the Mexican food (esp the carnitas) are quite good, especially for the neighborhood.

    1. The New Thompson Diner on QB in LIC used to be an ordinary diner. Now they specialize in Dominican fare. I've been 3 times; the first time the food was OK; the next two times the music was so loud I couldn't stay.

      The Sage Diner on QB in Woodside closed and was replaced by the Pop Diner which has a Nuevo Latino menu. I can't comment on the food as I haven't tried it.


        No idea about it, but it sounds like what you're looking for...

        1. The famous 5 Star Punjabi in LIC was right up this alley for many years. A classic old diner converted to serving pretty damn good Indian food. However, they've now morphed into a large catering hall with a restaurant on the side (where the food has gone downhill), and the old diner sits unused next door.

          1. Lindenwood and Pop have the same owners:

            Pop does have Latino flourishes, but it primarily serves typical diner fare.

            My semi-recent take on Pop Diner: