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Sep 5, 2006 02:17 PM

Reds Lobster - Just not that great

While driving back to NY from Acadia this past weekend my girlfriend and I decided to stop at Reds for what was promised as the best lobster roll around. The wait was excrutiating, almost an hour for a lobster roll that was good but not great. My gf and I both prfer Biels in Acadia and Abotts in Noank. The lobster at Reds was not as fresh as those 2 places and although you get a ton of lobster it just didn't do it for me.

On another note, our favorite lobster in Acadia was at Abels - absolutley amazing and incrediblly fresh.

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  1. The biggest problem with Red's is just what you said----the line!
    We like Abbott's also as well as Shaw's in New Harbor.Me. for lobster rolls.
    Where is Abels'?
    Did you go to Thurston's?
    Curious Catnip

    1. I dislike Reds greatly. Long lines and the quality is low. Got a very bad upset stomach twice after eating there.

      1. We used to like the crabmeat rolls at Red's, but we got a couple early this Summer and they tasted sweet! We think they substituted Mirical Whip for the mayonase. Whatever it was it was too sugary - not good. Sprague's on the dock across the road is better and the line is shorter. Red's onion rings are the worst o-rings we've ever had. Completely soaked in grease. Some grease can be good: The Big Al sandwich used to be my annual grease loading. I looked forward to it every year. I skipped it this Summer due to the bad o-ring experience. The line is insane and the smell of diesel exhaust while you're eating is something you can do without.

        1. Conjuring up an otherworldly experience from lobster, mayonaise, and a piece of bread is a challange as well met by Red's as countless other places from Long Island to Eastport. After committing to fresh cooked lobster, quality mayo like Hellman's, and a toasted roll there's not a heck of alot of room for creativity.

          Red's is well worth the wait if you are hell-bent on saying you had a lobster roll there - for better and for worse, Red's is largely a creation of internet lore. Yes, Red's was there long before the world wide web and travel blogs and Chowhound but in that context it NEVER rated anything special beyond it's highly visible location.

          Nothing says "I went to Maine on my Summer Vacation!" like a lobster roll at Red's. But in the end, its just a lobster roll.

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          1. re: Keefer Lucas

            I thought Red's lobster roll was sans mayo.

            1. re: Bostonbob3

              You get butter or mayo on the side, but whether you use it or not isn't relevant to my posting.

          2. We've learned from travelling to Maine in the Fall these past 30 yeaars that Red's is worth skipping.
            There are far better places to eat Lobster Rolls without all the hassle of crowds and lines.
            Red's is,as Keefer said above me in his post ,a creation of internet lore.
            Look around for better Lobster Rolls to eat and better places to eat them.

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            1. re: catnip

              Absolutely correct, Red's is more quasi religion than good food and I perfer to eat in a place with a little view if I'm already driving many miles to do it. For that reason I enjoy the Bayview on the dock in Camden more than any other. But it is a drive...

              1. re: catnip

                Just out of sheer naked curiosity, what are your "far better places"? I have my own short list, and Red's isn't on it mostly because of the line and I don't like eating standing up. Would be interested to hear some of your faves.