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Sep 5, 2006 02:06 PM

Thai Place on South Street

I have a question about the Thai Restaurant on South Street (between 2nd and Front I think).

Is it just a hole in the wall or can it actually seat a group?

Looking for something with above average food for Saturday around 5:30 pm before show.

Also considering Latest Dish or New Wave Cafe. Not sure if these are good for 5-9 people. We really don't want to have to resort to burgers and fries but it doesn't have to be super fancy either.

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  1. The place you are thinking of is called Pad Thai and its actually pretty good. Their Thom Yum is awesome.

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    1. re: Hojo

      Thanks. That is definitely one of them and I was able to look at their Web site via menupages. It looks like the space could accommodate a group. However, I realize there was another one called Tamarind. Their Web site is not working so I wonder if it closed. Not sure if I heard that one is better than the other.

    2. I enjoy Pad Thai. Haven't been to Tamarind. There's also a place in that neighborhood called Chaleo. I think it's on 4th (or 5th) near Bainbridge. I have eaten from Pad Thai more often (they will deliver), but enjoyed Chaleo when I was there.

      1. Do either of these places have the ability to seat like 8 people at one table?

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        1. re: jcmods

          Pad Thai is pretty big. There should be room for 8, but I would call ahead anyway.

        2. Tamarind is very good. I haven't been to Pad Thai. Tamarind is fairly small but I think (with notice) they might be able to fit eight people- give them a call 215-925-2764.

          1. that's pad thai you're thinking of. and they're usually not very crowded at all, and every single thing i've had there (with the exception of desserts, which leave something to be desired - unusual for thai desserts!) is exceptional. if i'm not mistaken, i've seen many a large group eating there in that darkish jungle room just to the left of the enterance, across from the bar. they can make you a large table there.

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              Does Pad Thai make the food at least somewhat spicy? I guess I expect the Gringo spice everywhere I go, but I don't mind if it is at least good....and has some heat. Looking at the menu for Pad Thai, it sounds like they put extras on the table so you can spice it up yourself if need be.

              For instance, has anyone ever gotten the Thai fish cakes? That is one thing that I think should be very spicey.