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Kosher Near Downtown Brooklyn Courts?

Are there any kosher establishments near the courts in downtown Brooklyn?

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  1. there's a dairy wagon/cart on Remsen st. off Court St, btw NY Sports club and Perlandra health food store

    1. Surprisingly the ones there have been closing. There used to be Pizza Court, a dairy restaurant that was always crowded whenever I went there for lunch, and not long ago Pastrami Box closed. Hard to believe that what is left is a lone cart to serve the large number of religious lawyers that work there. Maybe all the lawyers are brown bagging it.

      1. 9/11 also had to do with some of demises of kosher restaurants in Dwtn Brooklyn. the kosher dairy restaurant did a of delivery business to the World Trade center

        1. there is a new Kosher steak house on Clark Street. Not glatt, but has a kashrus in the window, similar to Ben's. Food was good.

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            It is my impression that the steak house on Clark Street is Kosher Style and is not kosher. When I briefly glanced at the menu in the window I thought there was both milk and meat on the menu.

          2. FWIW, Perelanda has some ready-made sandwiches with a K hechsher. They're soy and tofu, but they're pretty good.

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              they also have some sanwiches with the W-K (Young Israel of West Hempstead, Rabbi Kelemer) a plain K is worthless unless you know who the hashkafa is

            2. Mike's has a hechsher but if you keep glatt kosher, it won't work - it is open on Shabbos and chagim. There's also the Greens, which is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant on Montague Street. They have a Tablet-K hechsher, and the food's not bad if you don't mind soy!

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                Saw a sign that starting Monday, Oct. 23, Court Order on COurt Street next to Closeout Connection will have Cholov Yisrael as well as Glatt Koshrer prepackaged food prepared daily! They are part of Lassen And Hennigs- this might be very interesting.

              2. I think they sell those sandwiches in LIU (which, by the way, is about a 10 minute walk from Court Street) and they're decent - nothing special. But I guess it's better than nothing.