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Sep 5, 2006 02:04 PM

Kosher Near Downtown Brooklyn Courts?

Are there any kosher establishments near the courts in downtown Brooklyn?

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  1. there's a dairy wagon/cart on Remsen st. off Court St, btw NY Sports club and Perlandra health food store

    1. Surprisingly the ones there have been closing. There used to be Pizza Court, a dairy restaurant that was always crowded whenever I went there for lunch, and not long ago Pastrami Box closed. Hard to believe that what is left is a lone cart to serve the large number of religious lawyers that work there. Maybe all the lawyers are brown bagging it.

      1. 9/11 also had to do with some of demises of kosher restaurants in Dwtn Brooklyn. the kosher dairy restaurant did a of delivery business to the World Trade center

        1. there is a new Kosher steak house on Clark Street. Not glatt, but has a kashrus in the window, similar to Ben's. Food was good.

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            It is my impression that the steak house on Clark Street is Kosher Style and is not kosher. When I briefly glanced at the menu in the window I thought there was both milk and meat on the menu.

          2. FWIW, Perelanda has some ready-made sandwiches with a K hechsher. They're soy and tofu, but they're pretty good.

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              they also have some sanwiches with the W-K (Young Israel of West Hempstead, Rabbi Kelemer) a plain K is worthless unless you know who the hashkafa is