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Sep 5, 2006 01:08 PM

Dinner before the Amato Opera

I'm looking for a place to dine alone on a Friday night before the opera (I don't mind dining at the bar but would probably prefer a table) or for a place that will be able to get us in and out efficiently if my friend comes in after work from Long Island for dinner before the show. Any recommendations for drinks after the opera are also appreciated.

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  1. I would suggest Bianca... It's a very reasonably priced, homey italian restaurant.
    It's located at 5 Bleeker @ bowery. Von is a nice wine bar to catch up with friends.

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    1. re: kesues

      Just what I was going to suggest: no reservations, cash only.

      1. re: scrittrice

        Ditto. Really nice restaurant, and essentially right across the street from Amato.

    2. Il Buco - 47 Bond Street

      The Tasting Room - 264 Elizabeth Street

      1. Bianca. That's what I was thinking even before I clicked.

        Otherwise, and this doesn't really go with theater but Great Jones Cafe is an excellent place. Kitchy and unrefined but good cajun food and burgers in an place that's been on the bowery nearly as long as CBGBs. I get a Bloody mary everytime regardless of the time. Really fun and laid back and for me, a bit more comfortable to dine alone, though I'd sit at the bar.