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Dinner Options in Cambridge??

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Will be in Cambridge in 2 weeks for a conference and will have the opportunity to have two dinners out. Looking for casual, fun, excellent food in the Cambridge area near the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The hotel is located at 40 Edwin H. Land blvd. Would prefer to walk, but can do the cab if needed.

Open to all cuisines and want to go to places where folks that live there go for dinner -- no tourist-oriented places if possible.

Thanks in advance for the info.


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  1. Earlier this summer I had a very nice meal at Dante, which happens to be located IN the Royal Sonesta hotel. We ate outside on the patio and found the food to be delicious.

    The service could have been better (after delivering our entrees our waiter seemed to forget about us and missed out on our ordering another round of wine/cocktails).

    Despite that though I'd probably go back just for the great food. But I think I'll sit at the bar next time.

    Yes, this is a "hotel" restaurant - but it's not just for the tourists.

    1. You'll be very close to Helmand - a great Afghani restaurant and one of my all time Boston area favourites. They're closed Sunday and Monday, I believe, and I would make reservations as they're very popular. I can't find if they have a website - but this might be useful:

      Final tip: Get the kaddo (pumpkin). You'll thank me later.

      1. Oleana for middle eastern....original, great flavors, a little funky.

        Dali for the best tapas experience you may ever have.

        The Thirsty Scholar for a burger and a beer.

        1. i and a few others weighed in on this last week... check it out.



          1. Dali is wonderful, but a bit of a long walk from the Sonesta Hotel. I also love it for the tapas experience, recent gripes here notwithstanding, but I do think you can probably manage a better tapas experience in Madrid or Sevilla.

            There are some lovely options within a short stroll from the hotel, including the aforementioned Helmand for Afghan and Similans, which is a fine Thai restaurant (the mango curry seems to disappear rapidly every time I'm there with friends and order it). <http://www.brownsugarcafe.com/> for details.