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Sep 5, 2006 12:44 PM

chicken tikka masala

Have been searching for a recipe for this that doesn't have cream.
Had a great preparation in So of England couple of years ago. All
versions I've found in cookbooks and in NYC restaurants have cream
in sauce.

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    1. re: leeds

      Thanks..I had gotten that far, the version I am trying to recreate
      came in tomato based sauce but haven't found one that hasn't cream
      as final addition. Don't know if simply leaving out the cream
      happily resolves this.

      1. re: serious

        If you don't want any dairy, just leave it out and you should get the flavor/texture you desire. If you just don't want cream itself, sub with some Indian yogurt. You'll get a better flavor (more tang, less sweet).

        1. re: Pei

          I always use yoghurt instead of cream in Indian sauces. Just remember not to boil the sauce after adding the yoghurt or you'll get curds.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Don't know, but my friend makes a tandori-style chicken dish that is phenomenal and it IS marinated in yogurt and spices. Not served with any kind of cream(or creamy) sauce. It looks red but is not wet. What kind of recipe do you need? One without dairy of any kind? (I have a tikka & tandori cookbook at home that I can check.)

        1. I believe that the version I search - chicken tikka masala - is an invention of the Britsh Raj. It has a definite sauce, is not dry. All the versions I've discovered in NYC add cream to the sacue..the one I hope to duplicate, while saucey, wasn't creamy.

          1. Will get back to you once I check my book at home (I'm in Canada & we do get a lot of British books here so this may be one.)