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Sep 5, 2006 11:11 AM

Authentic Paella in Valencia

I am looking for suggestions for an authentic paella experience in Valencia.
I want to avoid touristy, expensive, fancy places. I am looking for somewhere family run maybe, revered by local people, no frills, just genuine, good honest, memorable food.
Many years ago in Murcia, a spanish friend of mine took me to a place where families gathered on a Sunday and we picked lemons from the trees above our heads to squeeze on the paella!

Any other suggestions of gastro-gems also very welcome.

Thank you
MJ x

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  1. At the recommendations of some of my Madrileno friends who have holiday homes in Valencia I recently tried Casa Roberto

    it is the real deal. You have to book way in advance and specify your paella when you book.

    The serve the romanesque variety with rabbit and snails which is very special

    Well worth a try