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Sep 5, 2006 09:46 AM

Recommendations on Good Eats from Nashville to Chattanooga

I'll be arriving in Nashville next weekend & planning an overnight side trip to Chattanooga. I am looking for a great breakfast place anywhere in the Chattanooga area. I am also planning on stopping somewhere for dinner on Saturday between Nashville & Chattanooga (or Chattanooga itself) and then a late lunch / early dinner on the way back to Nashville.

I have found lots of great places to eat in Nashville thanks to Chowhound and hope now to find some other places along the way. Any recommendations on some down home cooking would be great!


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  1. I've done that trip via Lynchburg and stopped off at Jack Daniel's.

    There is a great little BBQ cafe in Lynchburg town square (a real old-fashioned square) that does wonderful slow-cooked baked beans. Everyone who goes there signs a menu or something and they put in on the wall. By the looks of things, everyone in America must have passed thru there!


    1. Pearl's or High Point in Sewanee / Monteagle (I-24 b/t Chatt. and Nash.)would be a good choice for dinner.

      1. At the recommendation of an attendant at the state welcome station, we stopped at the Smokehouse Restaurant, exit 134 off I-24. The ham with redeye gravy was better than we later tried at the famous Loveless Cafe in Nashville. Pulled pork was also very satisfactory.

        1. I highly recommend the Bell Buckle Cafe halfway between Chattanooga and Nashville. It is a meat and three sort of place and worth the slight detour on Highway 82. Actually, you can continue on 82 to 231 (or vice versa depending on your direction) and not really go out of the way much at all. From their website, which I see that they "updated" with music, it apears that they are trying to become known for live music as well. No matter, the food is delicious. We stop there everytime we drive from Atlanta to Nashville. Check carefully for hours and know that the place gets packed with locals at prime eating times.