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Is "Sweet Melissa" in Brooklyn worth the trip??

I would like to try the peanut butter mud pie that I've heard about at "Sweet Melissa",
but trekking out to Brooklyn from Manhattan is not easy for me.

Has anyone had it? Is it worth the trip?

Thanks so much!!

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  1. I believe there's now a Sweet Melissa over on Houston. You might head down there instead.

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    1. re: norton

      No, that outpost recently closed.

      Melissa's is a nice bakery, a bit pricey for our nabe, but they have some nice stuff. However, is it worth a special trip, a difficult one at that? Not really. But if you want to combine it with an exploration of the neighborhood, it's very nice out here.

    2. In a word...NO!

      We stopped in there a couple of months ago and I've been meaning to post about it.

      While we were checking out the case the mgr was on the phone. Presumably with Melissa. It was a conversation that shouldn't have taken place in front of customers.

      Another employee arrives with a handful of Bic pens. She had apparently been sent out to buy some pens to take orders with. Instead of buying a box in the drug store she had paid almost $1 each at the bodega on the corner. The mgr quickly sends her to the back while rolling his eyes.

      Meanwhile we're still waiting for him to get off the phone so we can order.

      In the end we took home a large chocolate cherry cookie, a few chocolate grahams and a passion fruit tart.

      When we went to eat the cookie my BF commented that it seemed burnt. It ended up being charred on the bottom and to top it off there were no cherries. Not a one. The passion fruit tart tasted okay but was very mushy. And the grahams were just grahams. Decent but really nothing special.

      We probably should have just walked out when we realized the service was so poor but after reading so many good things we decided to stick it out. I believe someone recently posted that the on on Houston has already closed down. I'm not surprised.

      1. I enjoy Sweet Melissa's, and haven't had a bad experience there in several years of going there. However, I wouldn't bother coming out from Manhattan -- there are similarly good bakeries in Manhattan that wouldn't require a trek for you. A solid neighborhood place, but not unique.

        1. I greatly prefer Tazza (on Henry St. just north of Atlantic). Their cake selection varies, but the last time I was there I had a peanut butter fudge cake that was wonderful.

          I don't know that Tazza is worth coming in from the city for though, especially since they get their cakes from one of the well known (though I can't remember right now) places in the city.

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            From my experiences, Tazza gets most of their baked goods from Little Pie Company--and only about twice a week. If you're not there on a delivery day, expect most of the items to be stale.

          2. It's good. Not the best ever, but I totally would go to Park Slope for a slice of that pie.

            1. i had also always wanted to try that place and went there last week...i hated it! the woman behind the counter was arguing on the phone and with a server. i waited until she hung up and than asked some questions about items in the case (they weren't all labled so i didn't know what some things were). after 3 questions she huffed and puffed and said "is there anything else you need to know?". i selected a coconut cupcake, a cherry chocolate cookie and a lemon tart. the coconut cupcake had no flavor at all, the lemon tart had 1/2 teaspoon of lemon filling in it (yes, we measured it!!) and the chocolate cherry cookie had no cherries! i'd have to say it's not worth the trip...

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              1. re: ida

                They should just sell that cookie as Chocolate if they're going to leave out the cherries.

              2. Their lemon tart and passionfruit mini tarts have been good in the past but I have never been blown away by them. If they were not nearby, I wouldn't make it a destination.

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                1. re: Brigita

                  havent people raved about some butterscotch cream item in the past?

                2. it's definitely worth the trip.

                  go for it.

                  1. Man, what's with all the Sweet Melissa bashing? I am actually a huge fan, not only of their pastries, but their teas and soups as well. The best bakeries in the area are Sweet Melissa's, Marquet and Almondine, in no particular order. Would you prefer to buy your pastries at CVC or Eckerd? A true destination, maybe not but I wish no harm on Sweet Melissa's.

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                    1. re: David B

                      A couple of Hostess cupcakes from Eckerd would have been better than the burnt Chocolate Cherry cookie with no cherries we received. And cheaper too. To buy three items and get home only to find two are bad and the third is mediocre is more than enough of a reason not to make a return trip.

                      I'm sorry but it's ridiculous for a bakery, any bakery, to sell burnt cookies. I don't care who you are or how good your stuff once was. And the fact that another poster had the same problem with the cherries proves this is an ongoing thing.

                      Not only would I not make a special trip to Brooklyn, I wouldn't go back if I were passing by.

                      One Girl Cookies is good, so is Almondine. There are too many options to keep purchasing mediocre to bad baked goods

                      1. re: CornflakeGirl

                        First off, Ive never been to Sweet Melissa's so cant offer a view on their chow, IMO burying the actual food assessment in a long service rant does it a disservice. Some of us tune out to such posts since they rarely contain solid info on food. Your comment on the stuff you bought are valid data points it would be too bad if they were overlooked.

                        1. re: jen kalb

                          Let me first say that I have been to sweet Melissa many times and have never had a problem there foodwise or with the service. That being said, why wouldn't someone post about service issues they experience at a restaurant or patisserie. While this site is centered on food, the enjoyment of it can be affected by many things, not the least of it is service. I certainly value someone's opinion of how they were treated at an establishemnt and factor that in when deciding whether or not I would want to go there and whether the quality of food there would outweigh any other negative aspects of eating at that establishment. Her post was merely an observation, not a rant, and has just as much right to be posted as any other post. If you want to tune out, so be it.

                      2. re: David B

                        no, i wouldn't prefer pastries from cvc or eckerd nor do i wish sweet melissa's harm. isn't the point of chowhound to share opinions? no need for your attitude at all.

                      3. And Baked, forgot Baked which is great.

                        1. I apologize, no attitude intended. Sorry you've had a bad experience there. I've been going to Sweet Melissa's since they opened and never had a problem with burnt cookies (that's certainly not to say it didn't happen). But generally I am a big fan of nearly all of their cookies and they have a peanut butter/chocolate bar that's really great. I would give them another chance and perhaps mention that the cookies you purchased were inedible. The staff has always been very accommodating, in my opinion.

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                          1. re: David B

                            it was really nice of you to post an apology..here's to good bakery experiences for us all (i could go for a hunk of lemon meringue pie right about now!)...

                          2. I checked out this bakery and I'll have to agree with those of you who found it to produce mediocre baked goods.
                            I too had overbaked cookies and lackluster, tasteless cupcakes.
                            And I concur: There are NO cherries in the choco cherry cookie!
                            What I found interesting was what some of you mentioned: Really poor service made me less inclined to be charitable about the actual product. I think it's very important to post service/attitude issues because if it's not good, it tends to taint the entire experience. The staff has no control over the baked goods, but they do have control over attitude. People don't mind waiting if they feel welcomed and valued. Conversely, if the staff is not friendly, patient or helpful, there is nothing else to recc, an eatery but the actual product. If that is not stellar, then there is no upside.
                            Since we are living in NYC not a small town, there is lots of competition for out business. Sweet Melissa needs to up the quality, down the prices and start hiring sweeter staff.

                            1. I went to the one on 7th Avenue last night. If you're in the neighborhood try it. Just don't make a special trip.