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Sep 5, 2006 05:19 AM

Best Sushi in Seattle?

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. There are a few previous posts on this topic, but I'll rattle off a few.


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    1. re: fuzzyboy

      I'll second this list and mention that Mashiko is my favorite. If you go there and have a bit of money to splurge definitely try the omakase. It'll be an amazing set of dishes and there's never been a repeat over the several times I've had it.

      1. re: not the bad Steve

        Second Kisaku. I've tried the others and felt they weren't as great value or quality for the money.

        1. re: de_soie

          I'll third Kisaku. We have consistently had the best sushi & service there. I like Saito's, but for the money Kisaku is better. Very disappointed when I finally went to Shiro's--felt perfunctory. I have heard good things about Chiso & Mashiko.

          We go to Kisaku early, sit at the bar, and have Nakano-san feed us--haven't used a menu in years, we just ask for what we wants to give us (basically omakase, but we do it piece by piece, and he changes things up for us.)

          1. re: HAF

            I'll fourth Kisaku and add Shun to the list. It's fairly new, on the north side of U Village. There used to be a thai restaurant in that location.

            1. re: Lauren

              I'll FIFTH Kisaku.

              I have all you NW hounds to thank for recommending Kisaku to me. Here's my review of it back in June when I flew up for work and I'm into the old school shizzle.


              And I'm planning a 2nd visit around November. So glad I get to fly back up (sadly for work, but I am so looking forward to dinner!!!


              I'm sure there are others worthy places out there, but in 2003 I was disappointed with Shiro's (though I didn't get served by him). I had a hard time deciding between Shiro and Saito's at the time, and as Shiro had more people I walked in and gave it a shot.

      2. There is that new izakaya place Wann around 2nd and Lenora (have not tried it yet but have heard it's decent for small grilled/cooked items; not really a sushi place though)

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        1. re: barleywino

          Wann is really bad /if/ you want a traditional izakaya. I was very dissapointed by the whole experience. It is not nearly festive/noisy/exciting enough. The Sake list is weak and there are not nearly enough grilled items on the menu. Oh, it is pretty pricey too. Save yourself some time and head to maekawa or maneki for some good traditional (and cheap) food.

        2. Haven't tried the sashimi offerings at Wann yet but did like the comfort food like chicken nanban and somen, and the shochu cocktails laced with shiso or various pulpy fresh fruit squeezes. THey seem to be having difficulties keeping their different shochus in stock but hopefully that will sort itself out before too long. Sakes only by the (half) bottle.

          1. Go to Bush Garden for lunch. I went a few weeks ago and was shocked at the price and quality of the sushi special. 5 or 6 pieces of sushi and two rolls for $6 !!!!! Wow! I wish I worked closer.