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Sep 5, 2006 05:12 AM

Best Rolled Tacos in San Diego?

OK Chowhounds, who makes you favorite rolled tacos in San Diego? Relatedly, if your favorite places is not a drive through, what is your favorite drive through place?

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  1. My favorite rolled taco variety is chicken, hence my favorite rolled tacos are ones which are crunchy, and have a good quantity of chicken inside them, with a good chicken flavor. So far, the best I've found are at Maritza's in Clairemont, and Nico's in Bay Park or Ocean Beach. Both places have rolled tacos with a good amount of chicken filling, and a nice crunch to them.

    What I particularly like about the Maritza's ones is that the chicken is chopped up, so when you bite into the taco, you aren't pulling all the meat out and leaving a hollow corn tortilla tube behind.

    I'm sure there are other good ones out there, though.

    1. The Mojados de Pollo at Mama Testa. If you have not had these rolled tacos, you are missing out. Check out the review and pictures at:

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        I second the Mama Testa recommendation. I don't remember the spanish names, but they have beef rolled tacos, chicken rolled tacos and then both of them in a broth. The rolled tacos in the broth are DIVINE - I prefer the beef for this, but that's just my taste). They also have rolled tacos with no filling that I thought were fantastic - called Aire or something like that. They surprised me because they were crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Very, very good.

      2. Ok here is the deal. Best rolled tacos? Cotija's in Pt Loma. However, make sure to ask for mexican guacamole. Otherwise you will get some 'souta cleaned' added green stuff that caters to the PLHS students. As far as a drive through, try Roberto's down the road in OB. One tip, get 5 rolled tacos with guac and a large flour tortilla. Toss those suckas in the tortilla and load it up with the salsa (in the lttle plastic cups). Dang, you get all paid!

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          Cotijas are not all equally good or reliable. The one by me (with no drive thru) is marginal at best and a local hang out for meth heads, tweakers and awol students from Patrick Henry. It may be a family owned chain but each location is only as good as whoever is cooking in the kitchen.

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            I'll second the Pt. Loma Cotija's. My sis-in-law lived down the street and that was always a stop when we would visit. Her daughter and some of the crew their now grew up together.

          2. Los Cuatro Milpas in Barrio Logan has the best, most authentic rolled tacos. No Guacamole - just Crema and a red homemade sauce over it...

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            1. re: LisaSD

              I'm sorry, I have to disagree. Las Cuatro Milpas serves very greasy, very ordinary Mexican food. There is nothing special about it and no reason to go out of one's way to eat there, and absolutely NO reason there should be a line out the door. It is extraordinarily cheap food, which is part of the attraction. It's one of the most over-rated taco shops in town.

              I will, however, give them credit for their table sauce, the one with the 1/4" layer of grease and meat in it. It is extraordinarily good, not to mention very picante.

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                You got chile in my meat, no you got meat in my chile.

            2. The original comment has been removed