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Sep 5, 2006 05:08 AM

Ken's Creekside - Sedona

My fiancée and I had the luxury of eating at a new restaurant in Sedona. Ken’s Creekside is just south of the intersection of 89A and 179, on the east side of the road, in Creekside plaza. I’m not sure when it opened, but it doesn’t have its liquor license yet and there were balloons tied to the door outside.

The interior is quite subtle. Lots of dark woods and an open kitchen where you can see everything being prepared. We opted to eat on the outside porch, which afforded us a nice view of some red rocks and a lot of trees.

The lunch menu was a simple affair. There aren’t many options, but they’re all described splendidly. Prices ranged from $4 cups of soup to $16 entrees. I opted for a bowl of pecan soup and a taco salad. She had a cup of pecan soup and a veggie wrap.

The pecan soup was a subtle affair. It was thick and creamy, with a hint of spice. It reminded me of the coconut curry soups I used to eat in Chicago. The pecans lent the soup a bit of sweetness that was quite enjoyable. I found myself wondering if it were considered rude to ask for the recipe.

My taco salad was probably one of the better salads I’ve eaten. It came in a spinach tortilla shell. The taco salad consisted of deli-sliced southwestern chicken breast, kalamata, arbequina, and lucques olives, fresh greens, pico de gallo, red onions, guacamole, and chipotle sour cream. While the chicken breast often lacked the boasted southwestern seasoning and the guacamole had a bit too much lemon for my tastes, the food was sufficient enough that I finished it.

My fiancé’s veggie wrap was large enough that she could only finish half. I had a bite of it and found the cream based dressing succulent. I’m not sure what was in it, but I could pick out bean sprouts, avocado, and bits of “vegetables”. She remarked that the wrap was delicious.

We finished our meal with a world famous peach cobbler. Apparently the cobbler was featured on Regis. The cobbler was topped with vanilla bean ice cream. I thought that the ice cream was good enough to be a stand alone product. The peach cobbler was mostly pecans and what appeared to be a pudding crust. There wasn’t much in the way of peaches. While the entire thing was nice, and certainly up to par, there were too many pecans and not enough peaches. The entire affair was $7.

I haven’t had a chance to try many Sedona restaurants, but this particular one is ranked among my top twenty, nationwide. If you find yourself in Sedona, do give it a try. The price is more reasonable than some of the other recommended restaurants, and it hasn’t turned into a tourist destination yet.

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  1. [copies review] Thanks for the tip!

    I think this is in the old Roberts Creekside space. We'll look forward to trying it!

    Incidentally, we had yet another splendid lunch at Heartline two weeks ago. Pecan-crusted trout for me, one of my favorites and pretty near perfect. Easily the most consistently-good restaurant in Sedona.

    Happy eating--
    Pete Tillman

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    1. re: Tillman

      I was about to say that I could swear Creekside had been up there forever, but this would certainly explain it. Thanks Pete!

    2. Thanks for the review.

      I've never even heard of pecan soup - can you explain it a little more? Is the nutty taste subtle or a major flavor? Is it cream based? I need to know more!!


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      1. re: mamamia

        I'll do my best to explain it. The whole bowl was a complicated affair. The soup was rather thick. The pecans appeared to be ground up and then put into the broth, which was either cream, or coconut based. It did have the texture of cream but there was a hint of spicy-sweetness which I've come to associate with a good cocount-based soup. There were red oils on top of the soup, which means some kind of pepper was added.

        The closest approximation of which I can think is the Golden Noodle soup at My Thai, on Michigan Ave in Chicago.

        I loved the Pecan soup because of its texture and its complexity.

        1. re: jhenner

          Thank you for the breakdown. That sounds very good.


      2. Go for it and ask for the recipe next time. The chef will be flattered at worst. Don't try it in the middle of the dinner rush, though, you'll get nowhere.

        1. We tried Ken's Creekside for lunch last Sunday. It wasn't very good.

          It's a pretty place (the old Roberts Creekside), with nice views of Oak Creek. The server was pleasant and attentive. He recommended the pecan-crusted trout and a mushroom panetta -- I ordered the fish and my wife, the sandwich.

          The trout wasn't good at all. Fairly good trout, somewhat overcooked -- but with an odd sweet sauce that I hated, and tasteless "crab" stuffing. I didn't finish it, and this was a bad enough entree I'd hesitate to go back. My wife's panetta was better, bu not something I'd order for myself. She said she'd get it again.

          I'd forgotten to reread jhenner's review, above. Oddly, our waiter steered us away from both the pecan soup and the salads.

          Too bad. At best, an inconsistent place.

          Happy eating--
          Pete Tillman