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Sep 5, 2006 04:00 AM

best sushi in NoVA?

Where's the best sushi place in NoVA? The only requirement is that they must accept reservations for a party of 8 including one toddler who is well behaved.

We've been to Tachibana many times but I thought I would try something new for a change.

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  1. My favorite is Arigato on Rt. 29 in Fairfax (next to Home Expo Center). NOT the one in Fair Lakes of the same name.

    Also good is Konami in Rt. 7 in Tysons. I like both as well if not better than Tachibana.

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      I agree...Arigato on 29 is very good...try the Mexican roll. favorite sushi is at Cafe Asia in Rosslyn. Cafe Asia takes reservations and can seat 8...although it tends to get a bit may not be best for conversing. If you do go...try the Spicy Tuna roll with crunch and the Dragon roll. Yum! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. :)

    2. I went to Sushi-Zen (in the Lee Harrison strip mall, just off Lee Highway) last night and thought it was delicious. They are family friendly also (there was a party of 8, with some kids, there last night).

      I am a fan of Cafe Asia but thought the sushi at Zen was a lot better. The nigri tuna and salmon pieces were huge and melt-in-the-mouth tasty.

      It's a little more expensive than Cafe Asia, but worth it (I would still go to Cafe Asia for the sushi happy-hour though!)

      1. If its the Tyson's area (based upon your visit to Tachibana), I'd say look no further. Konami is awful, soapy tasting fish, we ordered $120 for lunch 2 weeks ago so I had all kinds.

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          Having frequented Konami and having a pretty sensitive palette, this sounds pretty atypical of Konami. Could it have been the drinking glass or perhaps soap not adequately washed from the hands and the smell of soap caused the fish to have that odd flavor? I had had that experience of soapy tasting foods at other restaurants; never at Konami. I do like Tachibana very much as well.

        2. Tried Arrigato on Rte 29 this week and was disappointed. Before bringing out the whole extended family, I went this week w/my wife and 2 kids. We decided to get the omikaze sushi and sashimi. Some of the fish was excellent but it was pretty uneven and definitely not worth the price. Looks like we'll have to head back to Tachibana next time even though I live 5 minutes away from Arigato.

          Does anyone know if there is a particularly bad day to go for sushi? Do restaurants pretty much get fresh fish daily? We went on a Tuesday after Labor Day but I don't know if that should affect things.

          1. There is a place called Ichiban in McLean that I like a lot...more my scene (small, low key, etc) than Tachibana but I have to say the sushi I've had at Tachibana has been pretty darn good. It's on old dominion.

            When i have sushi nowadays its usually when I'm on my way to/from home (west baltimore) from where I live now (Fairfax), and can hit up Sushi King or Sushi Sono in Columbia.

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              Sushi king is the best in the area, no contest.