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Sep 5, 2006 03:52 AM

What's good near the Doubletree Hotel in Rockville MD?

A few co-workers and I will be there for some seminars in early November. We won't have a car, but a short taxi ride isn't out of the question. This would be for dinner only. Our budget is inexpensive to moderate as I'm sure our expense accounts won't go further than that.

We're coming from the SF Bay Area so something that we might not get at home would be great (Chesapeake Bay seafood, for example). Someplace with a decent wine list would be a bonus!

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  1. Casual and inexpensive, and a short 1/4 mile walk--Urban Barbecue. I haven't done the pork, but the beef brisket and chicken are amazing. You won't regret having left a lot of room on the expense account.

    They close on the early side (8 pm). No wine, but very chow-worthy.
    Washingtonian reviews:

    1. I don't have any Rockville recommendations (no sense recommending Joe's Noodle House to someone from San Francisco), but your hotel is right next to the Twinbrook metro station on the red line, so you should also consider going into DC for dinner.

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        Why the hell not recommend Joe's? My San Fran-Oakland-Humbolt relatives make a beeline for Joe's every time they're in town. Also, a crowd of people is the best way to do Joe's, so you can sample more of the menu. You can feed a dozen people very well for $10 a head.

      2. That Brazilian BBQ all-you-can eat place (either at your hotel or across the street, I forget which hotel is which) is very good.

        1. The Brazilian BBQ (Greenfields) is a chain that has gone downhill lately. Still a good bet for folks who want to gorge on meat, but it is pricy (about $30 per before drinks, dessert, tax and tip)

          The suggestion to take the METRO downtown is a good one. Your hotel is right across the street from the METRO. Take it downtown to Cleveland Park and there are several good choices, Palena is the best, but Dino has a great and well priced wine list, 2 Amy's for the Pizza, Indique for Indian, Lavandou for French, Adero, etc. are all in that area.

          In Rockville, try Bombay Bistro for good Indian food, or Hinode or Nawana Hana for sushi. But I'd really recommend taking the METRO to see what DC has to offer for both food and after dinner.

          1. In Rockville itself, you can try Mama Lucia's, decent pizza but great pasta. They have a great Monday night special where you get the second pasta dish for a dollar. The garlic bread is yummy.

            For a bit higher end try Timpano's, great wine list. It considers itself an italian chophouse but I have always liked the seafood better than the meat.

            Also, try the Mosaic Cafe. Great waffles, both savory and sweet. In the same vicinity is Lebanese Taverna for good greek food not pricey or pretentious.

            A bit further cab ride is Blue Mountain Cafe. EXCELLENT Cuban food. Definitely worth the ride.

            Have a good visit.

            ps I second Joe's, best Chinese in the area, hands down.

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            1. re: unicorn633

              I've never had Blue Mountain Cafe, but I think Cuban Corner is great Cuban north of you (a taxi ride away) on the Pike.

              I think the Lebanese Taverna in Congressional Plaza (nearly across the street from the hotel) is absolutely terrible. A shadow of what others seem to say about other branches of this local mini chain. (And not to pick nits, but I think it's largely Lebanese/mid-E food, not Greek.)

              I think Mosaic is ok, but kind of a gimmick (waffles for everything!).

              I actually really like the pizza at mama Lucias--have never had the pasta.

              Mykonos Grill is a good Greek place in "Congressional North" plaza. Not cheap, but good.

              I love Joe's Noodle House and would highly recommend it. I may like A&J's (northern Chinese dim sum all day, no carts, delicious) more. It's a bit further north on the pike in the sunshine square shopping mall on the west side of the street (in the lower level of the building).

              (And, yes, for where you're staying if you want to eat around there, you will likely be eating at a strip mall).

              1. re: Smokey

                A&J's is excellent, but note that it's cash only, and there is no ATM on site, so get your cash before you get there. It's pretty inexpensive as nothing on the meny is more that $6 (it's kind of tapas style).