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Sushi in Houston

Where is true/good sushi in Houston?

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  1. We love Kaneyama on Westheimer.

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      Coco's is now located at 1111 Westheimer in Montrose (next to the Hollywood Video store in the Old Tower Theatre). It is the best Sushi hands down. RA is ok, but Coco's seems to be more tasty.

    2. Sushi Jin. Really authentic. Took Japanese friend she loved it. Fun to get a group together and rent one of the private rooms.
      Sushi Jin Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
      14670 Memorial Dr
      Houston, TX 77079
      (281) 493-2932
      Cross Street: Dairy Ashford

      1. Coco's Yakitori Sushi Bar
        5959 Richmond

        It's on a corner in a strip mall.

        I'm not sure how it compares to other sushi bars in that area since that is the only one I've been to, but we really like it. Ask for the fried fish heads....seriously.

        In the Clear Lake area we like Tokyo Bowl though there's a new one called Masa Sushi everyone is talking about.

        In Galveston we like the Sky Bar.

        1. Ok, I haven't done sushi in Houston in forever, but we really used to like Teppay on Westheimer. Very good, very fresh, very authentic. They don't go in for a lot of funky rolls or anything. Just good fresh fish.

          1. Thanks so much for all of these great recommendations! I can not wait to try them all. The only one that I have tried is Cocos, and I agree...it is good sushi. Thanks!

            1. Oishii on Richmond, near Lakewood Church. It's almost always crowded because they have such excellent prices and the fish portions have increased the last time I went.

              Miyako on Westheimer or on Kirby (2 locations) is also a good bet.

              1. Depends on your tastes. Kaneyama and Cafe Japon were my favorites before I moved to NY six years ago. Since then, my tastes have chnaged considerably, and I can barely tolerate Kaneyama. Miyako (Westheimer) is okay in a pinch, and I found Osaka and Kubo's entirely unimpressive.

                Lately, we spend a little extra for Sasaki (Westheimer off Fondren). Japanese-run and a good amount of Japanese clientele as well. If you're looking for big portions though, you'll likely be disappointed.

                1. Does anyone else like Nippon on Montrose? I believe they are Japanese-run as well (they were watching Japanese baseball on the tv last time I was in there!).

                  jokah--what are your tastes and how did they change after living in NYC? (genuinely curious, not a dig.)

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                    Hi PPPPP-
                    No offense taken. Like a lot of people here, I used to like big pieces at cheap prices. Didn't really matter to me then how good the rice was. I have eaten in Tokyo (some place in Tsukiji fish market whose name I never even noted) and numerous places in NY since then. My favorite (inexpensive place) in NY used to be Marumi, but admittedly it can be rather inconsistent. Ushiwaka Maru later became the splurge place. Yasuda (pricy) and Blue Ribbon are also consistently very good of course.

                    Now any sushi that I have to tear apart to eat is too big. Rice matters. Most Chinese-run places that I have been to haven't gotten this right.

                    Incidentally, Nippon is on my list to try.

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                      Ah, I see what you mean about the huge pieces. I used to live in NYC too, but I guess it was fortunate that I couldn't afford to eat at the high-end places--I haven't been spoiled by the good stuff. :)

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                        Better for the wallet your way... ;) Is there any food you miss since moving from NY? I thought I'd miss good sushi, but surprisingly, finding Italian that I like may be a greater challenge.

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                          I miss the Chinese (especially xiao long bao!), Malaysian, and Korean food, and having a large number of choices for each that are easily accessible. Actually, I think the variety of any kind of restaurant is what I miss the most. NYC is a paradise for chowhounds with very skinny wallets!

                          To keep it on the Houston chow, have you tried Dolce Vita for NYC-ish Italian food yet?

                          Sorry for the hijack from the original topic.

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                            Dolce Vita sounds very intriguing. Will definitely have to give it a try.

                    2. I second Oishii on Richmond. Nice mom n pop ambiance.
                      The rice is good too!

                      1. New to the area so not sure what is the best. Tonight I went to find Coco's went to 5959 Richmond it was not there. I saw another place in that shopping center but not named Coco's. So I went to the place I have go to alot which is Japon's on Kirby.
                        Good fresh fish and good service.

                        1. On the board's recommendation, we did Jin Sushi on friday night. The sushi was excellent, the shabu shabu was not. But my chinese husband thought it was going to be like chinese style hot pot and was disappointed when it turned out to be pretty bland.

                          The softshell crab appetizer was pretty good. Their take on spicy tuna is different. They put pepper on the rice rather than the fish to make it spicy.

                          Very attentive staff. Thanks for the recommendation!

                          1. if you're ever in the clear lake area, HOSHIZUNA has great fresh sushi with beautiful presentation. try the crunch roll, umi roll, or the cobra. it's mmm mmm good.