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Sep 5, 2006 02:53 AM

Ethiopian restaurant on Grand Ave. in Oakland?

An Ethiopian restaurant opened recently on Grand Ave. in Oakland, a couple doors down from Jong Ga. Has anyone had the chance to try it yet?

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  1. Yes, it's my new favorite Ethiopian restaurant! I believe it's called Enssaro. They have the best Gored Gored I've had. The beef is tender cut into perfectly uniform little squares, and it's nicely spicy but not one-dimensional (which I've found at a lot of other places). I've also had the Doro & Gomen, which was also exemplary. Highly recommended.

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      What's the price range? I keep biking past there, but never at mealtime, so have never tried it. If they have lunch specials, though, I may be able to make it there on Friday...

      1. re: merle

        Hmmm. . .I don't know about lunch specials. The regular prices are comparable to other places around here, and to my mind, it's a notch above. However, they're REALLY slow, so I wouldn't try for lunch there if you have to get back to work.

    2. I just ate there for the first time last week and thought it was pretty good. My friend and I shared Yemsir Wat (spicy lentils) & Tikil Gomen (cabbage, potatoes and carrots). There was lots of food and it was fresh and tasty, with a nice lemony romaine salad as an extra bonus. I'm very happy to have an Ethiopian restaurant within walking distance from home.

      1. we went. We ended up walking up Grand from the freeway instead of towards the Lake. Should have looked up the address before I left.

        It was delicious. We had the chicken and the lamb (sorry, don't know the correct names but they were they only chicken and lamb dishes on the menu). Unlimited injera (sp?). 9.95 for each dish. Veggie dishes were 6.95 each. They have beer and wine too. We tried a great Ethiopian beer, in a brown squat bottle.

        I'm sure you can tell, I'm not too familiar with Ethiopian food. But I would highly recommend this restaurant. It was pleasant if stark; not too brightly lit, and very clean. The service was helpful and not slower than anywhere else.

        Thanks for the heads up on Enssaro!

        1. anyone know the cheapest Ethiopian food around? Any real joints?