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Sep 5, 2006 02:45 AM

ISO a Low Calorie/Fat Strata recipe without pork/ham? Any recipes?

Is it possible?

I would like to make a strata that would let me watch my weight and use a meat (or no meat) other than ham, sausage or other pork product. I was thinking of making something on the weekend so I would have a healthy brown bag breakfast (microwavable or toaster oven?) for work Mon-Fri, with a low call fruit smoothie.

I would appreciate any recipes/directions. TIA.

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  1. This one from Cooking Light might be one to consider. I made it for an office brunch and it was devoured...there are other light strata recipes at the cooking light website too but most have a little prosciutto or bacon added and I've not tried them. Link:

    1. How about leftover grilled chicken as the meat? you could jazz up the strata by using herb blends like rubs (think jerk!) to make them really savory and satisfying as lunch entrees. Or use grilled fish like salmon or halibut with dill and thyme as herbs for a less assertive combo. Fresh herbs, too, like rosemary , thyme, cilantro, etc would jazz them up. I like to use a crusty bread like baguettes for texture difference.

      Varying the cheese used like the aforementioned goat, or bleu, or smoky cheddar, in small amounts would up the savory quotient.

      I use Reddi-Egg (a Nulaid product) yolkless egg in a carton from Trader Joe's to cut down on cholesterol and fat. I've tried all the brands, and they are the best yolkless product IMO. If I'm serving strata (or savory bread pudding) to guests, I'll throw in a whole egg for body.

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        thank you both--I think I can create a hybrid out of both of your suggestions. I will report back to the board next week on my results.