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Sep 5, 2006 02:06 AM

Cuban food in phoenix

Ok... so I know Havana Cafe, and of course i love it. I'm looking for something simpler. A place to grab a sandwich and go. Are there any other Cuban places in the valley.

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  1. Me too -- it's high on my food wish list, and so far I have not found anything. I once had the address of a possible cafe in Mesa, but never got there and I've lost that lead. (We have eaten at two of the three Havana locations and haven't been very impressed.) What I want is a tiny, one-room cafe that serves black beans and rice, sweet plantains, yucca, and if I got really, really lucky, oxtail stew or roasted garlic-lemon chicken . . .

    Sarah C

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    1. re: kittyfood

      If you don't mind the drive, I adore a restaurant called El Cubanito in Tucson- 1150 E. 6th St, Tucson az 85719 520-623-8020. They have everything you asked for, with the exception that the oxtail stew is more of an occasional special. Although the owner is so accommodating that he'd probably head out, buy the ingredients and then make it for you. I love the paella he makes too.

    2. Found this listing at Google Maps. It sounds more like a grocery than a restaurant, but who knows? I've never been to this place and cannot attest to its quality:

      My Cuban Market
      4836 N 59th Ave, Phoenix, AZ
      (623) 873-0505

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      1. re: silverbear

        That is on out side of town so I will follow up -- thanks for the clue. If it really is a Cuban market, they will know if there are any Cuban cafes. (I just called the number and got a message saying that the voice mail box hadn't been set up yet so at least it didn't say it is disconnected.)

        Sarah C

        1. re: silverbear

          My Cuban Market is closed. Their phone number is now a personal home phone #.

        2. Okay, I went to My Cuban Market this afternoon. I asked the proprietress about Cuban restaurants in the Phoenix area, and she conferred in Spanish with the two men sitting at the only table. They all agreed that there is one somewhere in Mesa, owned by an ex-professional baseball player, but nobody knew where it is. Otherwise, their only suggestion was Havana, but they concurred with me that it is "not the same thing."

          My Cuban Market does make Cuban sandwiches, and the owner said she may open a Cuban cafe next door within the next few months, so I will try to keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile, Mesa residents -- any clues?

          Sarah C

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          1. re: kittyfood

            I did some searching and the only thing in Mesa I could come up with is "K-Rico / La Dama del Flan" (The Flan Lady).

            The website is Looks like more general Carribean than Cuban, but they do feature Cuban sandwiches (or so their website says).

            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              I love good flan, and the guava pastries sound interesting, so if I find myself in that area I would try it. Thanks, and let's all keep looking. There must be a Cuban cafe somewhere in this city!

              Sarah C

          2. I don't think there are any Cuban cafes yet..Cuban musicians yes - Cuban cafes no.

            I had a friend who was Cuban and another who are Puerto Rican and I asked both of them..There answer was no...

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            1. There is a Puerto Rican bakery and restaurant in Mesa on Main St. in the location of the former RB Rib House that makes sandwiches and such similar to what you would find in a Cuban restaurant.

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              1. re: dcooke

                The place on Main St. you speak of is K-Rico, mentioned above. Their website is

                I had lunch there a month or two ago--it's rather small (just a few tables inside). The gentleman who seemed to be the proprietor was very nice and appreciated our questions and our interest in his offerings.

                I had a Cuban sandwich, which I thought was good, but I'm no expert in this realm. We also had the flan, which we thought was very good - apparently they supply flan to a number of restaurants around the Valley, who then claim it as their own.

                Finally, we were given the opportunity to sample a quesito (sweetened cream cheese inside puff pastry). Nice!

                Haven't been back since then, but it's on my list of places to visit again.

                1. re: Davey J

                  That looks like just what I've been looking for... but after gas I think I'll be spending as much as at havana cafe.