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Sep 5, 2006 01:32 AM

Spices and Herbs in Calgary?

Local Calgarians, please, I am looking for a place in Calgary that sells bulk spices and herbs.

I have been to Superstore, Safeway and Co-op and was not very impressed (I always wonder how long they have been sitting in those bins at Superstore and Safeway and Co-op has NO bulk herbs/spices). Sometimes you only need a little of something, you know?

I'm looking for spice rack essentials (ie peppercorns, cumin seeds) however, like to have exotic options to try. I used to be in Winnipeg which had Scoop and Weigh which sold essentially every spice and herb on earth (or so it seemed)and had quick turnover so you knew your spices were fairly fresh. Save on Foods in Edmonton has recently expanded their bulk spices however, obviously not available here in Calgary. We're in the downtown; closer is better but would be willing to travel.


Thank you.

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  1. Community Natural Foods. 10th Ave east of 14 St SW.

    1. Community is great,
      also, for fresh herbs at reasonable prices, Chongos in the Inglewood farmers market.

      1. Try Calgary Spiceland 1830 52 St SE

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        1. re: a voce

          Good suggestion but that's a long way from downtown!

        2. What about Cookbook Cafe...or something like that ...on 11th ave...I've wondered in a few times and they seem to have a lot of specialty items not available gazillion different kinds of salt... and some nice (and pricey) kitchen gadgets....

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          1. re: Susanbnyc

            It's the Cookbook Company, 711 11 Ave SW. 403-265-6066.

          2. cookbook co does not sell bulk spices.