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Sep 5, 2006 01:19 AM

Ottawa - dinner on a Sunday night

I'll be in Ottawa this Sunday, Sept. 10th and need to know where to go for dinner. Someone suggested Beckta, but it doesn't really appeal to me... That being said, I'm looking for something that
is downtown, with great food and a good wine list - a place where the hipsters from Ottawa would eat, if they in fact live in Ottawa!
Any ideas?

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  1. Though not RIGHT downtown, and perhaps not filled with "hipsters", I like Allium in Westboro for a nice meal in Ottawa. I can't recall offhand if it's open Sundays or not.

    1. I was happy with my dinner at Domus a week ago... fresh market cuisine. Here is their dinner menu:
      It was close to a full house on a Monday night.

      1. Although only a small number of us, there are some hipsters in Ottawa. In my opinion, the hottest place to eat in Ottawa right now is Whalesbone on Bank at Gladstone. It's an oyster bar with a fantastic menu, even if you are not an oyster fan. The small number of tables, the record player behind the bar with a good selection of vinyl and the freshly grated horse radish, all make for a fun, worthwhile experience.

        1. I second the suggestion of Whalesbone. They source the oysters for Beckta, the last time I went my companion and I had a dinner of basically oysters, a foie gras appetizer, and dessert (hey, most of the food groups were represented!). Surprisingly, the steak frites appears to be one of the most popular dishes there, so it would seem that this oyster bar also does up a mean steak!


          1. Sorry to hear Beckta doesn't appeal. It really is a fave. If you are looking for something more "hipster"ish with a decent winelist try eighteen.

            Be forewarned though, on a Sunday night most of Ottawa will be pretty quiet, no matter where you dine.