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Sep 5, 2006 12:43 AM

Name of SFO area restaurant


A numbner of years ago, I was a restaurant that was on the water behind/near SFO --- I think the place was Italian/sea-food themed and had an addictive olive-oil 'salsa' imbued with sun-dried tomatoes. Anybody out there know which restaurant that is?


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  1. You may be remembering the restaurant that was in the Coyote Point area. Rustic, wooden building and very good food. I tried to find it again last year, but it is no longer there.

    1. I'm not sure, but you might be talking about Kinkades. It's still there as far as I know. It's part of a consortium. I once one a raffle for dinner there, and it wasn't bad at all.

      1. You might be thinking about Dominic's - It's a nice place out in Oyster Point. I have an office in the area and Dominic's is my "White Table Cloth" place for client lunches.

        Take the Oyster Point exit from 101 and head East. (about 2-3 exits north of SFO)After 3 or 4 lites, Oyster Point Blvd bears left. Take an immediate right after the split and head toward the yellow clapboard building. It's on the way toward the marina.

        I've had good food at Dominics and good service. It's too pricey for everday lunches but it's a good value for special meals. They have a nice view of the marina and across the bay.

        1. Could this be Castaways? The location, view & ambiance (excepting salad bar) were superb but the food nothing special. Nice for a furst date when you're too nervous to eat and want to gaze into each other's eyes as planes silently take off overhead for faraway places. Is it still there? Shame to tear down such a nice building!

          1. Might it have been Pasta Moon out by Oyster Point? I don't think they're there any longer....