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Sep 5, 2006 12:01 AM

turkey breast - what's a dark meat lover to do?

My husband and I are strictly dark meat, on-the-bone, flavor and fat-loving people and we find ourselves with a (dreaded) boneless turkey breast in our fridge. Does anyone have any ingenious ways to turn this dry, tasteless hunk of blandness into something edible? Possibly even delicious?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. If you want to roast it, brine it first, roast to 150-160 degrees and no higher. It won't be horribly dry.

    You can also slice it thinly (freezing helps to get nice thin slices), and cook like veal scallopini. Lightly breaded and sauteed, with a sauce, it is surprisingly good.

    1. Can't think of the name of the dish, but it's usually veal (turkey is often subbed) covered w/a tuna sauce. That should take care of the dry and tasteless problem. What is the name!?

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        Vitello tonnato. And turkey breast does make a pretty good substitute. Has to be made 24-48 hours ahead and is served cold, of course.

        The OP could also open the skinless breast flat, stuff it with a savoury dressing (pork- or sausage-based with or without seasonal fruit), tie it up, brown it and either roast or pot-roast it. Slice and serve with a sauce made from pan drippings.

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          Thanks for the name -- I would have gone crazy all night on the internet searching!

      2. Oh, plan on making some Hot Browns. Open faced sandwiches first created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville. Turkey, bacon,& mornay sauce. Sometimes a slice of tomato and sometimes some country ham added. Google for it. There are a number of recipes out there and it is a wonderful thing.

        1. Brine it then cook/roast over indirect heat of a mesquite fire. That will give it some character.

          1. One turkey breast might not be enough, but try supplementing it with a little other dark meat in Tetrazzini (the absolute best Italian-American pasta dish). Cook from scratch ingredients. Use quality parmesan cheese, not the stuff mixed with cellulose powder.

            Another option would be to simmer the breast in poultry stock until done, then serve with wild rice and Jeff Smith's Hungarian Paprika Gravy.

            Can't recommend any specific recipe, but there must be Some tasty concoction out there that involves wrapping BACON around the breast before baking.

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              I used to do that with wild pheasant--butter the breasts and drape them with bacon, then roast.

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                This is a big favorite of mine (but the mole is a big part of it, and it's something of a project)


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                  OMG! Tetrazzini brings back memories of high school cafeteria food! That, done right with good ingredients and it could be excellent....and like doing mushrooms with the flashbacks.

                  That said, that bacon wrapped recipe, wherever/whatever it is, sounds great.

                  What about stuffing it with thick pesto, grilling it, and finishing it in the oven?