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West Side Take-Out Fried Chicken

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Any tips/recommendations for Santa Monica - West Side Fried Chicken to go? Seems to me there some stories about Albertsons Fried Chicken being surprisingly good.

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  1. It's funny - but for all the more upscale places I go - no one beats Popeyes.

    1. In downtown Culver City -- Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken. I got takeout the other night and it was fantastic chicken. Crispy skin. Very tender meat. I wound up eating a piece in my car because I was afraid it would get cold before I could try it. That piece was great. But so were the pieces I had later.

      1. FYI regarding Albertsons, there is a coupon in Albertson's in-store ad for 8 Pieces of Fried Chicken (2 Breasts, 2 Wings, 2 Legs and 2 Thighs) for only $2.99 with $10 minimum purchase. This offer is good through Thursday, September 7.

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          I've always been partial to their chicken and on Sunday I cruised over and picked up the 8-piece. Just fresh out of the fryer and absolutely delish! They must soak the chicken in a brine prior to coating and frying because the meat was so juicy and flavorful. Really enjoyed it. I hit the location on Van Nuys Blvd near Roscoe-ish. Truly a deal, and Albertsons as a rule has excellent Tri-Tip roasts as well...on sale right now for $3.99/lb trimmed, $2.99/lb untrimmed.

        2. I had Roscoe's yesterday and I am definitely partial to their chicken. High quality chicken with a good, crunchy skin. they've got a couple locations that are within a 20-minute drive from Santa Monica.

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            Devil Chow and his Missus are partial to Albertson's roast chicken and fried chicken; I agree - the birds must be brined in something because they are unfailingly tender. Another good buy here is the super jumbo shrimp (frozen) at $9.99lb - lots of tender meat, good flavor. Just made some jambalya yesterday for lunch and they were gooooooood.

          2. honeys kettle is great. has anyone tried dinah's on sepulveda?

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              dinah's is ok at best. i was there 4mo's ago and the chicken was greasy and lacking in flavor.

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                I have always liked Dinah's, but not as much as Roscoe's.

              2. I've been to Honey's about 5 times. It ain't all that. I brine virtually everything that I grill so I know the taste and with Honey's, I can always taste the chemical in the commercial brine and the chicken meat while soft tends towards almost a mealyness. Again, I suspect the chemical brining process. That, with the lousy parking situation and the surly, slow service; it just aint worth the bother.

                Dinah's chicken is kinda good if you like thin coating but for someone like me, whose standard is pan fried buttermilk chicken, it's a little bland and the service at Dinah's just gets worse and worse every year.

                At least here in my neck o' the westside, supermarket chicken is the best and cheapest option though I've never been to Roscoe's. I may have to check that one off my list soon.