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Sep 4, 2006 10:48 PM

Where to by fresh fish in Cincinnati

I am a sushi lover, but we are planning on buying a house soon and need to save money. Does anyone know where to buy good sashimi grade fresh fish in Cincinnati so that I can make sushi at home? I bought some frozen tuna that I thought was sashimi grade from Jungle Jims once and buy the time I got it home, it thawed partially and was gross.

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  1. Try Luken's at Findlay Market, or Keegan Fresh Seafood in Anderson Township. There's also a shop in Madiera, the name I can't remember.

    1. I've found Jungle Jim's to have a good, fresh selection. I've been wanting try Hide Park Fish Market; seems to do a good business. I think Luken's has a better selection earlier in the day (before 10:00 am Saturday's).

      1. Coastal Seafood in Madeira has fabulous fish, and especially highest sushi-quality tuna, etc. The owner, Jim, has many Japanese customers, so learned Japanese - the back of his card is printed in Japanese - don't get him started. It's all very pricey, but always outstanding.

        Coastal Seafood
        6928 Miami Ave
        Cincinnati, OH 45243
        (513) 561-4487

        You basically don't wander in and find things - you have to call ahead to see what's available and place an order for later pick-up.

        1. Try Tokyo Oriental on Reading Road in Evendale. Also Mei Grocery on Mason-Montogomery in Mason, Ohio!


          1. Fresh (not frozen) fish at Jungle Jim's on Friday is great. they have a really good selection on this day of the week.