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Sep 4, 2006 10:40 PM

Crepe Place

Hi there,

I'm still looking for that crepe place that has the largest selection & it's in Etobicoke or S. Miss. area.

Someone mentioned it on the other board & now it's lost & no, it's not the one downtown, & I'm not looking for sweet crepes, rather meal crepes.



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  1. Is this the thread you're referring to? It mentions the Yellow Cup Cafe.

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      No, I have that one bookmarked & they have very few meal crepes.

      I'm not looking for sweet crepes, but meal ones.

      Thank you : )


    2. I bet it's Cora's.

      Location: 4120 Dixie Rd., Mississauga ON. 905-624-1297 - Near the NW corner of Dixie and Burnhamthorpe.

      1. The Apricot Tree Cafe has a selection of savoury (meal) crepes. They also serve dessert crepes.

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        1. re: ersatz

          Have you been here for a meal? How are their entrees? Any reccomendations?

        2. LOL, nope, neither of those & the Apricot Tree is never open really. I went there once & it was closed at the earliest hour.

          Cora's food sucks IMO.

          I can't believe we have so few crepe places in all of TO

          1. along these lines, I noticed a little place called Hibiscus in Kensington Market on Sunday that had a whole list of crepes they make on the window... has anyone tried this place?