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Sep 4, 2006 10:40 PM

Concord Grape Cocktail at Gramercy Tavern

Last year I had the most delicious cocktail based on muddled concord grapes at Gramercy Tavern. Does anyone remember the details of this cocktail? Vodka or gin? Something herbal maybe? The season has started in LA and I would love to try it again.

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  1. I tried to come up with my own version today and my god was it bad.

    1. I would guess vodka was used in the original drink as the base liquor. What goes with Concord grapes? All I can think of is PB & J... Do you think there was some Frangelico in the original? Probably not--that sounds kind of gross.

      What did you use for your first attempt? Maybe we can work from there. Better yet, maybe someone in NYC will take one for the team, go to the Gramercy Tavern, tip the bartender well, and ask him/her how to make it!

      1. This reply is no doubt too late for this year's Concord grapes, even in California, but my suggestion is to talk to someone at Gramercy Tavern. If you won't be in NYC anytime soon, consider giving them a call in the afternoon, around 3 or 4 p.m. eastern time, and explaining that you'd like to speak to someone on the bar staff and why. They're open then, but business tends to be slow, so someone may have the time to chat with you. The reason I suggest this is that once when I was having dinner in the front room there and had ordered a cocktail I love, I remarked to our waitress that I would love to know how it was made. She sent over a manager who had previously worked the bar, who told me their method, rough proportions, the brands they used, and was completely gracious about it. So I don't think they have qualms about sharing cocktail recipes.

        1. I had a fabulous gin and concord grape cocktial at my wedding at Blue Hill Stone Barns in November. Gin and concord grapes go really well together. By the way, when the grapes are out of season, use RW Knudsen's Just Concord Grape juice, available in health food stores and Whole Foods. Pure concord grape flavor.

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            Welch's Grape Juice is 100% juice. Isn't that all concord? They also make Welch’s Organic 100% Concord Grape Juice for those of you who care about that sort of thing.