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Sep 4, 2006 09:45 PM

Late Night Dining

My new job keeps me out late and hungry! I know of the classics like Globe and Brazen head but I feel like there has to be more late night eating gems. I live in Tender/Nob. There is a noodle place on Geary and Leavenworth I think (next to Rye Bar), and Sushi Rika on Bush is open late too has anyone been to these? Anything else? Partial menu is fine if not perfect. Please include bars or wine bars with food as well. Thank you so much!

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      1. Cafe Maritime on Lombard used to be open until 1. Haven't been in a while.

        The noodle place at Geary and Leavenworth is Osha. Thai House Express at Geary and Larkin is also open late.

        1. I cannot recommend The Hidden Vine highly enough. Great casual vibe, usually not horribly crowded (especially not on weekdays), and a lovely selection of cheeses and salami.

          They always have great West Coast wines on the list by the bottle and by the glass, and they choose a wine region of the world each month on which to focus (I believe the most recent was Australia). Angela and Dave know their wines, do their research, and only serve wines they themselves love. They really like getting feedback from their customers, and they can pitch the information as high or as low as you need so that you're conversing at the same wavelength.

          Angela, especially, is a whiz at listening to what you want and selecting a wine for you, even if you say something completely stupid and un-wine-related like "I had a bad day, I just want a wine I can cuddle up to make me feel better." Of course, you can also rattle off a number of wines you like and she'll find something similar that you'll like but different enough to be interesting.

          Hidden Vine has free cheese nights on Thursdays, a few special events once in awhile, and an un-corkage fee--if you like a wine, take it home for 30% what's listed on the menu. You live so close by, it's a great place to become a regular.

          I believe Pearl's Burgers has also extended its hours, and EURA's new owners seem open to the idea if they can get enough people to demand longer hours.

          If you haven't already, hie thee to Pearl's for a buffalo burger cooked rare with a side of fries cooked in safflower oil. WOW. You'll never be able to look at a regular beef burger without longing for buffalo again.

          Most of the bartenders at Rye know how to mix a cocktail, especially a Rye Manhattan. Yum! For something lighter and fruitier, try the Apple Bomb. I think there's a monthly cocktail recipe contest, so if you're inclined you can enter and have your drink served at the bar as a prize.

          Ryoko is good, has more of a underground jazz bar feel than Rika, but I think Rika's prices are better and the menu is more varied.

          Bacchus is pretty much just a place to grab a beer; the cocktails are uniformly terrible.

          Tajine is the best Moroccan in the city (yes, I've been to Aziza), but only open til maybe 10.

          Have you tried all the Indian places? Chutney is my favorite, and Bang San Thai next door isn't too bad either (but not open as late).

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            In case it's not clear from that post, Hidden Vine is a wine bar with cold food, not a restaurant. Very cozy place, like somebody's living room.

            How late are they open?

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              They always say "from 5 til late" but in my experience that means about midnight on weekends and a little earlier on weekdays. Basically if it's busy they'll open. Otherwise it's closed after 11.